Signal processing for next generation video coding, efficient and reliable multimedia transmission in wireless systems.


Theory and applications of signal and data compression, Statistical signal processing.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Professor Pradeepa does not have any graduate student opportunities available at this time.

Selected Publications

P. Yahampath, “An Extension to Source-Channel Coding of Correlated Gaussian Sources for a Fading GMAC Using TCVQ,” 17th Canadian Workshop on Information Theory (CWIT), Ottawa, Canada, June 2022.

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P. Yahampath, “Video coding for OFDM systems with imperfect CSI: A hybrid digital–analog approach ”, Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 87, Sept. 2020.

C. Illangakoon and P. Yahampath, “On Achievable Distortion in Sending Gaussian Sources over a Bandwidth-Matched Gaussian MAC with No Transmitter CSI,” Entropy, 21, 992; doi:10.3390/e21100992, 2019.

P. Yahampath,”Hybrid digital-analog coding with bandwidth expansion for correlated Gaussian sources under Rayleigh fading”, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2017.

Pradeepa Yahampath, “Steepest-Descent Optimization of CDMA Signatures for Multiple Correlated Sources With Applications To Joint Source-Channel Coding,” IEEE Transactions On Communications Vol. 63, No. 4, Apr. 2015, pp. 1343 - 1354.