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  • Assistant Professor 
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Room E3-517 EITC
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6




Electromagnetic Inversion, Microwave Imaging, Microwave Tomography, Computational Electromagnetics, Grain Bin Imaging.


Applied Electromagnetics
Computational Electromagnetics
Antenna design
Microwave Tomography

Research description

Dr. Gilmore's research focuses on using electromagnetic waves to see inside of obscured objects. This process involves using numerous antennas around the target objects, and measuring the electromagnetic response. The process of using this electromagnetic response to create an image of the target is called 'Inversion'. Dr. Gilmore specializes in building entire inversion systems from antennas, sources, measurement devices, and calibration; to the computational electromagnetic models, to the inversion algorithms needed to convert the raw data into images.


Colin Gilmore is the Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Applied Electromagnetic Inversion and Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba. His expertise includes the physics, hardware design, and inversion algorithms needed to make images of the interior of obscured objects with electromagnetic waves. This work includes biomedical imaging for cancer detection, geophysical images, to imaging the contents of grain storage bins. Dr. Gilmore is a co-founder of a successful research-intensive company, 151 Research Inc. that has commercialized electromagnetic imaging for grain storage bins. Prior to taking up his Canada Research Chair, Dr. Gilmore was the CTO of 151 Research from 2011-2018. During this time, 151 Research went from an employee-free start-up to employing 23 staff, including 19 engineers and computer scientists, most with graduate degrees. 151 Research has since sold to AGCO Corporation. Dr. Gilmore has received the 2002 Gold Medal in Electrical Engineering for highest academic standing upon graduation, numerous research awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Canada, and an International Union of Radio Science Young Scientist Award (2008).

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Gilmore is currently seeking graduate students. Please contact him for more information.

Selected Publications

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