River ice engineering and hydraulics.


Field monitoring of river ice, open channel flow and marsh hydraulics; physical hydraulic modelling; numerical modelling of ice processes and hydraulics.

Research description

Dr. Clark's research focuses on river ice engineering and hydraulics and involves using a combination of field work, laboratory experimentation, and numerical modelling.

Graduate Student Opportunities

I am often looking for highly motivated, bright, enthusiastic students to join our research group. If you have excellent communication skills, a passion for water resources engineering, the ability to show initiative and problem solve, as well as a love of the outdoors (including during winter!) or laboratory environment you may want to consider emailing an application.

Selected Publications

Lees, K., Clark, S.P., Malenchak, J., Shen, H.T., Knack, I. 2021. Numerical simulation of freeze-up jamming in a skim ice regime. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 191.

McFarlane, V., Clark, S.P. 2021. A detailed energy budget analysis of river supercooling and the importance of accurately quantifying net radiation to predict ice formation. Journal of Hydrology. 35.

Ehrman, J., Clark, S.P., Wall, A. 2021. Ice roughness estimation via remotely piloted aircraft and photogrammetry. The Cryosphere. 15, 4031-4046.

Essel, E.E., Clark, S.P., Dow, K., Tachie, M.F. 2021. Experimental and numerical investigation of three-dimensional open channel with simulated partial ice-covers. Journal of Hydraulic Research. 59(6), pp. 977-988.

Wazney, L., Clark, S.P., Malenchak, J. 2019. Effects of freeze-up consolidation event surges on river hydraulics and ice dynamics on the Lower Dauphin River. J. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 158: 264-274.