Geotechnical Engineering: Deep foundations, landslides, slope stability, soil-structure interaction.


Limit states design of deep foundations, load testing of deep foundations, field instrumentation and monitoring, in-situ testing methods for site investigation and design, numerical modeling of landslides and stabilization techniques.

Research Description

I am passionate about conducting research that has practical implications for practicing geotechnical engineers. I strive to address challenges faced by infrastructure owners and designers through field test programs where possible and supported by laboratory testing and numerical modeling. My research to date includes collaborations with the railway industry to study landslide stabilization techniques and with bridge owners to study downdrag on piles. Future studies will continue to focus on field testing of infrastructure with the goal of advancing engineering practice. 

Graduate Student Opportunities

If you are highly motivated, have a curious mind, are a team player, and like to get your hands dirty, please email me to inquire about joining my research team. Please include a CV and brief statement (less than one page) summarizing your research interests and applicable experience. 

Selected Publications

Bartz, J.R., and Blatz, J.A. (2022) Interpreting CAPWAP Results for Driven Piles with Corrections for Setup and Residual Loads. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Just-in advance online publication,

Bartz, J.R., and Blatz, J.A. (2022) Considerations for measuring residual stresses in driven piles with vibrating wire strain gauges. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 59(3), 441-446.

Bartz, J.R. and Blatz, J.A. (2020) Comparison of Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications regarding pile design subject to negative skin friction. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 57(7): 1092-1098.

Bartz, J.R., Martin, C.D. and Hendry M.T. (2019) Design procedure for landslide stabilization using sheet pile ribs. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 56(4): 514-525.