Research description

Dr. Shalaby’s main interests are in pavement engineering and infrastructure design and management. Research covers developing tools and test methods to characterize materials and pavement surface texture and friction, beneficial and sustainable use of recycled and reclaimed road materials, structural evaluation of road networks and the design tools, and policies and standards that govern road construction, quality control and long term performance. 


Dr. Ahmed Shalaby is a professor of Civil Engineering and a professional engineer specializing in pavement design and highway materials. He has taught at the University of Manitoba since 1998, where he leads the Pavement Research Group. His research aims to improve the performance of road materials and pavement structures and to improve the maintenance and construction practices in Canada and around the world.

Dr. Shalaby believes that the condition of a road surface and the  standards for road construction and maintenance of transportation networks play major roles in protecting the safety of road users, and are critical to providing an efficient and economically-viable transportation system for future generations.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Shalaby is currently looking for Master Student position, PhD Student position, Post Doctoral position.

Selected Publications

A Al-Abbasi, A Shalaby, Evaluation of Composite Pavement Joints Using the Falling Weight Deflectometer, Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part B: Pavements 147 (2), 04021007, 2021

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A Mneina, A Shalaby, Relating gradation parameters to mechanical and drainage performance of unbound granular materials, Transportation Geotechnics 23, 100315, 2020.

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