Food process engineering, smart optical sensing, spectral imaging, chemical and microstructural mapping, and advanced non-destructive analytical techniques with an emphasis on application to real-time food quality control.


Spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, chemometrics, food quality control.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Professor Erkinbaev does not have any graduate student opportunities available at this time.

Selected Publications

C. Erkinbaev, M. Nadimi, J. Paliwal (2022). A unified heuristic approach to simultaneously detect fusarium and ergot damage in wheat, Measurement: Food, Volume 7, 100043.

C. Erkinbaev, R.P. Ramachandran, S. Cenkowski, J. Paliwal. (2019). A comparative study on the effect of superheated steam and hot air drying on the microstructure of distillers' spent grain pellets using X-ray micro-computed tomography. Journal of Food Engineering. 241: 127-135.

C. Erkinbaev, K. Henderson, J. Paliwal. (2017). Discrimination of gluten-free oats from contaminants using near infrared hyperspectral imaging technique. Food Control. 80: 197-203.

B. Aernouts1/2, C. Erkinbaev1/2, R. Watté, R. Beers, N.N. Do Trong, B. Nicolai, W. Saeys. (2015). Estimation of bulk optical properties of turbid media from hyperspectral scatter imaging measurements: Metamodeling approach. Optics Express. 23: 27880-27898.

C. Erkinbaev, E. Herremans N.N. Do Trong, E. Jakubczyk, P. Verboven, B. Nicolaï, W. Saeys. (2014). Contactless and non-destructive differentiation of microstructures of sugar foams by hyperspectral scatter imaging. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies. 24: 131-137.