Emerging Networked Systems: Protocols, Architecture, Management, Security, Resilience and Sustainability for LEO Satellite Networks, Space-Air-GroundIntegrated Networks, Non-Terrestrial Networks, Beyond 5G/6G, IoT and Quantum Networks

Applied AI/Machine Learning: Autonomous Networking, Embedded AI, Edge Computing

Networked Systems & Applications for Real-World and Societal Challenges: Digital Divide, Public Safety, Smart City/Agriculture/Aquaculture, Climate Action, Industry 4.0, etc.


Peng Hu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba, and an Adjunct Professor at the Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo. He is a Professional Engineer and a Senior Member of IEEE. He has years of R&D experience and has worked as a research officer at the Digital Technologies Research Centre, National Research Council Canada (NRC) and an embedded software engineer at CMC Microsystems.

Dr. Hu currently serves as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society and Co-Chair of the Technology and Applications WorkingGroup of the IEEE LEO Satellites & Systems (SatS) Project. He has led various research projects regarding AI/ML-enabled network systems, satellite networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT), supported by NSERC, NRC, OCI (formerly OCE), the Optical SatCom Consortium, and other funding agencies, and accomplished collaborative projects with academic and industry partners. He was one of the 15 fellows in the 2022 Internet Society’s Mid-Career Fellowship Program and was awarded the Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Award and Inventor Fixed Milestone Awards at NRC. He has also served as an Associate Editor of the IEEECanadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a member of the review committees of Canada’s innovation and challenge programs, a voting memberof the IEEE Sensors Council Standards committee, a technology advisor/member of the leading IoT industry consortia and a member of organizing/technical program committees of leading conferences, including IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE ICC, IEEE PIMRC, IEEE AINA, and IEEE SysCon.

Graduate student opportunities

Dr. Hu is currently seeking graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to contact him directly with:

  1. A CV (including educational background, research/industry experience, and publications if applicable);
  2. A cover letter (stating your research interests and experience), and;
  3. Copies of transcripts.

Please understand that only students who can be a good fit with the research program will be contacted.