• Karen Dow smiling and posing for the camera.
  • Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)
    Associate Professor

    Department of Civil Engineering

    Room E1-388 EITC
    15 Gillson Street
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6




River ice engineering and hydraulics.


River ice processes and hydraulics, experimental fluid mechanics, computational hydraulics, particle image velocimetry.

Research description

Dr. Dow studies dynamic river ice processes and hydraulics through field monitoring, experimental investigations, and numerical modelling.

Graduate Student Opportunities

If you are a highly motivated student, who is passionate about hydraulics with strong communication and problem solving skills, please reach out to inquire about research opportunities. I have projects that involve field work in Northern Manitoba, experimental work using for example a state of the art PIV system, and/or numerical modelling. Experience in river ice is an asset, but it is more important to have a strong theoretical background in fluid mechanics and hydraulics. Initiative and independence are important, as well as the ability to work in a team as we have a close supportive research group.

Selected Publications

Becket, M., Dow, K., Clark, S. (2021). Development of an ice jam database and prediction tool for the Lower Red River. Canadian Water Resources Journal.

Essel, E., Clark, S., Dow, K., Tachie, M. (2021). Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Three dimensional Open Channel with Simulated Partial Ice-Covers. Journal of Hydraulic Research.

Andrew Murray, Ebenezer Essel, Karen Dow. (2021). Particle Image Velocimetry Investigation of Void Seepage through a Simulated Ice Jam. Cold Regions Science and Technology.

Nyantekyi-Kwakye, B., Essel, E., Dow, K., Clark, S. P., Tachie, M. F. (2020). Hydraulic and turbulent flow characteristics beneath a simulated partial ice-cover. Journal of Hydraulic Research.

Nyantekyi-Kwakye, B., Pahlavan, H., Clark, S., Tachie, M., Dow, K. (2019). Roughness Effect on Turbulent Flow Structure beneath a Simulated Ice Jam. Journal of Hydraulic Research. 57(2): 238-249.

Nyantekyi-Kwakye, B., Ahmed, T., Clark, S. P., Tachie, M. F., Dow, K. (2019). Effect of discharge and upstream jam angle on the flow distribution beneath a simulated ice jam. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. 46(5): 413-423.