Membership Requirements

BME Membership eligibility, at the CORE or ADJUNCT levels, requires the following status at the University of Manitoba. 

  1. Applicants, who hold a Ph.D. and an academic appointment (of any type - tenured, tenure track, non-tenure track, nil-salaried or adjunct;)
  2. at the rank of Assistant Professor or higher in the Faculties of Health Sciences,  Engineering, Science, or Psychology Department at the University of Manitoba, and who have shown clear intent to take on graduate students in BME program
  3. or to serve on a committee of a BME graduate student committee and/or teaching a BME core course are eligible for Core or Adjunct membership in the BME Program.

Rights & Responsibilities of Members

  1. BME members who are on the staff of an organization, university, or other institution not a part of the University of Manitoba may not supervise the thesis of a student who is an employee or an employee on leave, if the employee and BME member are directly involved in a supervisor/supervisee (supervisor/supervisee) relationship from the same organization, university or other institution.
  2. BME Members may participate in the formulation and execution of policies in the BME Program.
  3. BME Core Members will be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  4. BME Members are responsible for maintaining a high level of ethical practice, scholarship, and research during his/her appointment. BME Members advice on the choice of thesis topics for graduate students, and in the management of their students and student’s environment should be of a standard consistent with the philosophy and practice of the BME Program.
  5. If a BME Member finds that he/she is unable to continue to perform the duties associated with the appointment he/she should then relinquish the appointment.
  6. BME Members are encouraged to apply, where applicable, for external research grants to appropriate agencies (e.g. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Research Manitoba, MITACS etc.) to support their graduate research programs and students.
  7. BME Members are expected to acknowledge their affiliation with the BME program at the University of Manitoba in all publications and scholarly works resulting from their BME appointment.
  8. The appointments of BME Members may not be renewed if there is evidence that the Member has not participated in any BME activity for a period of 3 years or more.
  9. The appointment of a BME Member may be summarily discontinued for cause.

It is the responsibility of the Director (or delegate) to supervise and monitor the work of BME Members. Any inadequacies in the duties and/or performance of a BME member should be brought to the attention of the Director (or delegate) of the BME program and/or the Dean of Graduate Studies and may result in the termination of the BME appointment. Where appropriate, the Director (or delegate) may consult members or students of the BME program to ensure that students are being treated professionally and appropriately.


Membership Types & Roles


Core Membership

  1. Duties:  
    1. may serve as supervisors for graduate students
      • a co-supervisor is not necessary
    2. may serve on student committees.
  2. Additional Membership Requirements:  
    1. General Membership Requirements
    2. must have an established and funded program of research (which includes funding for students) with demonstrated and ongoing involvement in BME research and HQP training.
  3. Workload:  
    1. Core Members have Home Departments and therefore, report to their Home Department Head regarding job duties and work load
    2. Core Members will report to the BME Program's Director concerning BME associated duties.  The BME Program's Director will make recommendations to the Core Member's Department Head with regards to workload compensation of duties associated with the BME program.


Adjunct Membership


  1. Duties:  
    1. May serve as supervisors for graduate students
    2.     a co-supervisor who is a core-member is required
    3. May serve on student committees.
  2. Additional Membership Requirements:    
    1. Applicants must meet General Membership Requirements 
    2. Adjuncts who later meet the funding requirement of a "CORE" Member may later switch






Affiliate Membership

  1. Duties:
    1. May not serve as a supervisor or a co-supervisor
    2. May serve as additional members on student committees in order to provide necessary expertise.
  2. Membership Requirements:  
    • Applicants who do not meet General Membership Requirements but who
      1. Hold a Ph.D., M.Sc. (or equivalent) in Engineering, Science or Medicine or an M.D. (or equivalent)
      2. Have expertise or an interest in BME related research


Apply for Membership

For those wishing to serve as members of the BME Graduate Program please send us an email with your:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Home Department & Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Your Job Title & Research Interest
  5. Also, please attach your C.V.

Membership approval process

  1. Membership Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee
  2. Recommendation for membership are then sent to and approved by the BME Director

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