Past workshops

Conducting Fair Investigations

This workshop is for academic administrators (Associate Deans, Department Heads, or designates) who have jurisdictional authority to conduct investigations related to student academic or non-academic discipline allegations. Procedural fairness, policies and procedures, and campus resources will be discussed and practical strategies will be shared in this interactive session.

Facilitators: Heather Morris and Maria Sabourin

Conducting Fair Appeal Hearings

This workshop is for academic administrators, academic staff and students who are current members of faculty or university level student appeal committees. This would also be of interest to support staff who provide administrative support to committees. This interactive workshop will provide participants with practical information necessary to properly conduct appeal hearings according to University policies and procedures, as well as to ensure that students are treated fairly throughout the appeal process. This workshop will include considerations for the pre-hearing stage (i.e., notice to students), the hearing itself, and post-hearing matters (i.e., decisions).

Facilitators: Heather Morris, Maria Sabourin, Marcia Yoshida