Foreign service officers work both in Canada and in diplomatic offices in countries around the world providing advice to the Canadian government on foreign policy matters, and acting on behalf of Canada abroad.  In general, foreign service officers are responsible for scientific, technical and information exchanges, economic and political reporting, negotiation with host countries, public affairs activities, promotion of trade and financial interests, administration of Canadian missions abroad, management of immigration programs, assistance to Canadians travelling, studying and working abroad. (alis)

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The educational requirements to enter the foreign service vary depending on the type of position.  Completion of a bachelor's degree is usually required.  A graduate degree or several years of experience may be an asset. Proficiency in French and/or other foreign languages may also be an asset. Acceptance to the foreign service is also based on a competitive exam. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the Public Service Recruitment Programs, including student employment opportunities with the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP).

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