Dr. Xikui Wang earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995 after receiving his M.Sc. in Mathematics in 1989. Dr. Wang also holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Central China Normal University, which he completed in 1984.

As a University of Manitoba faculty member since 2000, Dr. Wang taught in the Department of Statistics until July 2020, when he joined the Asper School of Business to assume his role as the LAH Warren Chair of Actuarial Research at the Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research.

An active researcher, Dr. Wang has received numerous grants – his most recent being $90,000 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) to support his work on the “Models and methods of statistical dependence with applications in clinical trials and risk management".

Research Interests

Risk management, mathematical finance, dynamic pricing, Markov decision processes, response adaptive clinical trials, sequential design of experiments, bandit processes, biostatistics, and reinforcement learning.

Teaching Interests

  • Statistical Methods
  • Stochastic Optimization


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