Sean is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He earned his PhD from the Schulich School of Business at York University. Sean’s research broadly focuses on the relationships among actors, institutions, and social and environmental issues, and specifically seeks to understand the dynamics of change and stability in organizational fields, industries, and occupations struggling with environmental sustainability, economic inequality, or stigmatization. His research has been published in Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Human Relations, Journal of World Business, and Organization. He teaches Business and Society (GMGT 1010) at Asper.

Research Interests

  • Social and environmental issues in business
  • Institutional theory
  • Qualitative methods

Recent Publications

Ruebottom, T., Buchanan, S., Voronov, M., & Toubiana, M (2021). Commercializing the Practice of Voyeurism: How Organizations Leverage Authenticity and Transgression to Create Value. Academy of Management Review. Forthcoming.

Phung, K., Buchanan, S., Toubiana, M., Ruebottom, T., & Turchick‐Hakak, L. (2021). When stigma doesn’t transfer: Stigma deflection and occupational stratification in the sharing economy. Journal of Management Studies. Forthcoming. 

Buchanan, S., Ruebottom, T., and Riaz, S. (2018). “Categorizing Competence: Consumer Debt and the Reproduction of Gender-based Status Differences.” Organization Studies, 39(9): 1179-1202.

Buchanan, S. and Marques, J.C. (2018) “How Home Country Industry Associations Influence MNE international CSR Practices: Evidence from the Canadian Mining Industry.” Journal of World Business, 53(1), 63-74.

Riaz, S., Buchanan, S., and Ruebottom, T. (2016). “Rhetoric of Epistemic Authority: Defending Field Positions during the Financial Crisis.” Human Relations, 69(7): 1533-1561.