• portrait of professor Nathan Greidanus
  • Associate Professor
    The Associates Fellow in Entrepreneurship

    Business Administration Department
    Room 642 Drake Centre
    181 Freedman Crescent
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V4

    T: (204) 474-7325
    F: 204-474-7545



Professor Greidanus’ research and teaching is motivated by the desire to increase societal well-being through sustainable economic development.  His research interests intersect the broad areas of entrepreneurship, international business strategy and sustainable development.  Professor Greidanus’ recent academic projects include developing the behavioral assumption of Bounded Reliability (BRel) to better explain inter firm and intra firm governance decisions; conceptualizing the positive role of failure in entrepreneurship; exploring corporate venturing initiatives in multinational and family enterprises; and studying the impact of virtual work at the societal, organizational and employee levels.  His publications include articles in academic journals, including top tier outlets such as the Journal of International Business Studies; book chapters, including the prestigious The Accountable Corporation series; and a book entitled Growing the Virtual Workplace: The Integrative Value Proposition for Telework. 

Professor Greidanus’ professional experience includes working in the investment banking industry, owning and managing two franchises, and running his own business development consulting company (including developing a comprehensive business case that resulted in the establishment of the National Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems).  He currently maintains a minority ownership position in an engineering technology startup (Pontis Energy inc.).  Nathan has also spent a year as a volunteer in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and holds both Canadian and Dutch citizenship.

Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Sustainable Development

Teaching Interests

Entrepreneurship, new venture development, small business management, indigenous entrepreneurship, innovation management.