Lukas Neville is an associate professor of organizational behaviour at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He holds a Ph.D. from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Dr. Neville teaches in the BComm, MBA, and Executive Education programs at the Asper School, and has facilitated training and workshops for audiences in a range of industries, including telecommunications, health care, and financial services. His research and teaching interests relate to helping individuals, organizations, and teams recover from conflict and workplace transgressions. His most recent research, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, relates to forgiveness in the workplace, and his previous research has been published in journals in the fields of management and organizational psychology. His teaching has been recognized with a range of awards, including the Reg Litz MBA Luminary Teaching Award, the Associates Achievement Award for Teaching, the University of Manitoba Merit Award for Teaching, and the CSA Golden Shovel.

Research Interests

Trust, negotiation, and the resolution of conflict in groups and teams.

Teaching Interests

Organizational behaviour and negotiation. Dr. Neville also teaches Asper Executive Education courses, including Negotiations - Advanced Topics.

Recent Publications

Neville, L. & Schneider, B. (2021). Why is it so hard to change a culture? It's the people. Organization Development Review 53(1), 15-20.

Neville, L., Caza, B.B. & Olekalns, M. (2020). Negotiation resilience: A framework for understanding how negotiators respond to adversity. In E.H. Powley, B.B. Caza & A. Caza (eds.), Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. pp. 70-85.

Granger, S., Neville, L. & Turner, N. (2020). Political knowledge at work: Conceptualization, measurement, and applications to follower proactivityJournal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 93(2), 431-471.

Neville, L. & Fisk, G.M. (2019). Getting to excess: Psychological entitlement and negotiation attitudesJournal of Business and Psychology 34(4), 555-574.

Herschovis, M.S., Neville, L., Christie, A., Reich, T., Cortina, L. & Shan, V. (2017). Witnessing wrongdoing: The effects of observer power on incivility intervention in the workplaceOrganizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes 142, 45-57.

Chuapetcharasopon, P., Neville, L., Adair, W.L., Brodt, S.E., Lituchy, T. & Racine, A. (2017). Cultural mosaic beliefs as a new measure of the psychological climate for diversity. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management 18(1), 7-32.