• Sessional Instructor

    Supply Chain Management Department
    181 Freedman Crescent
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V4

    T: 204-474-8104
    F: 204-474-7545


Alok Dua has been an Instructor in the Asper School of Business, since 2002. His research is in the field of application of Fuzzy numbers in the area of Operations. Alok Dua has published two scholarly articles published in ASAC Conference proceedings:

  • Appadoo, S. S., Dua, A., Sharma, V.N.(2009). On Fuzzy Economic Order Quantity Using Possibilistic Approach. Presented at the Administrative Association of Canada Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • Appadoo, S. S., Sharma, V.N., Dua, A.(2010). A Possibilistic approach to the economic Production Quantity Model with Finite Replenishment Rate. Presented at the Administrative Association of Canada Conference, Regina.

Alok Dua has various teaching interests that span the area of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management and Finance. He has won seven teaching awards at the Asper School of Business since 2002. Out of all the awards that he has won his favorite is the golden shovel award that he has won four times since 2006. This is an award given to the most popular professor as voted by the graduating class of the Asper School of Business.

In addition to these, he has won the Associates Achievement Award for teaching in August 2007 and 2009. As well Alok has also won the best teacher award by Beta Gamma Sigma society 2009.

Alok Dua got his initial training in Chemical engineering and practiced engineering in Indian Oil Corporation a fortune five hundred company from Oct 1995 –Dec 2001.

Mr. Dua also has a Masters in Business Management and a Masters of Science.

Research Interests

Fuzzy and heuristic modeling in Operation management area

Teaching Interests

Strategic Management, International Business, Management theory; Management Science; Operations and Supply Chain Management; Corporate Finance and International Finance.

Alok Dua has industrial work experience of over seven years in a fortune 500 company (Indian Oil Corporation) where he was Senior Production Engineer in-charge of two petroleum refinery units worth a capitalized cost of over a billion dollars. Alok was directly managing the effort of a team of eight engineers and eleven technical operators.  
Alok’s interest in teaching and training started in the year 2000 when he started giving seminars on safe handling of hydrogen gas in petroleum refinery. Alok has been teaching regularly at Asper School Since 2002. He has won 7 teaching awards at Asper Business School. Alok has taught more than twenty different courses in the field of Management that has given him a good overall rounded knowledge of most aspects of business 

Other Personal Information

Early childhood and all of schooling until grade 12 was done in Delhi. Lived in a one bedroom house with mom dad and sister for most of his childhood. Alok’s parents having only limited resources decided to spend the money on private school education of their children rather than on other comforts because of that even today Alok feels he doesn’t need much to live. 
Left Delhi in 1987 at the age of 18 to go to Calcutta India to study Chemical Engineering. From 1987 till 2007 only had one dream to go back to Delhi and settle there. After 2007 that dream died a prolonged natural death as Alok realized that it was romanticizing of good old days. 
Have been living in Winnipeg since May 2001..  Alok fells comfortable calling Winnipeg his home as this is the city where he has lived the longest period of time. 
Used to like to brag about a 4.5/4.5 GPA (may be still wants to ha ha). 
Goals in life keep on shifting as Alok grows. Alok is really proud of loosing 68 pounds in the year 2000 some silver lining to otherwise a very dark year. For the first time in over a decade reached a weight of less than 200 pounds which makes him happy every time he thinks about it. Though still far from the dream of visible abs but is hopeful of 2021 summer.  
Alok has been supporting World Vision Canada for more than 18 years now and other charities off and on.  Lately Alok has a goal of some how financing and working with his own hands the planting of a forest in area where there is too much heat and pollution, hopefully after retiring.