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LAST UPDATED: September 1, 2020

While having its origin in the pandemic context, it is envisioned that this Plan will be applicable to other as yet unimagined situations or events that disrupt the operation of the Faculty. This Plan is to be considered as a companion to the University of Manitoba Pandemic Guidelines found in Appendix F of the University of Manitoba Emergency Response Plan (downloadable from this site). The attached Health Plan can serve as a guide to appropriate protocols.

1. If a member of the Asper School of Business begins experiencing signs and symptoms of an illness while on campus, they are to go home immediately and contact their supervisor by telephone or email, and follow any directions received. The supervisor, in consultation as appropriate with their Head or Dean, and not the staff member, will be responsible for assuring any necessary continuity of work

2. If a member of the Asper School of Business becomes ill off campus or is unable to come to work for any reason, they must alert their supervisor by telephone or email and remain off campus until such time as they are no longer experiencing signs or symptoms or are no longer prevented from coming to work. The supervisor, and not the staff member, will be responsible for assuring any necessary continuity of work

3. The normal order for succession of oversight of operation is:

In the Asper School of Business:

  • Dean,
  • If the Dean is incapacitated, the Associate Deans in alphabetical order by family name,
  • If all Associate Deans are incapacitated, the Heads of departments in alphabetical order by family name,

It is anticipated that if all Associate Deans and Department Heads are incapacitated the University will have been partially or fully closed.

In Departments:

  • Heads
  • If a Head is incapacitated, a faculty member will be appointed by the Dean (or Designate if the Dean is incapacitated), giving priority to a tenured faculty member.

In Units:

  • Director/Manager/Lead person,
  • If a Director/Manager/Lead person of the following units becomes incapacitated, a staff or faculty member will be appointed by the Dean (or Designate if the Dean is incapacitated) to oversee the unit.
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Stu Clark Graduate School Program Office
    • Undergrad Program Office
    • Career Development Centre / Co-op
    • Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship
    • Executive Education
    • IBEP
    • J.W. Burns Leadership Institute
    • University of Manitoba Transport Institute (UMTI)
    • Marketing / Communications
    • Alumni Relations

4. Faculty and staff members will report to their appropriate supervisors (see point #3) and update their status by telephone or email and their supervisors will report to the Dean or Associate Dean(s) (see point #3) and update their status also by telephone or email.

5. In the event of University closure and where relevant, Associate Deans will, where possible, arrange for IT personnel to check on the functioning of the network and systems within the Bloomberg Lab and the Scotia Bank Technology Centre.

6. In the event of University closure, principal investigators will arrange for the orderly cessation of research projects in their labs/offices.

7. In the event of a widespread illness that has not closed the University, students who miss classes, mid-terms, assignments and exams will not be required to provide evidence of their illness. Students should be encouraged to connect as soon as possible with their instructors and advising staff via phone or email and update them regularly.

8. Instructors will be as flexible as possible, within reason, in assisting students who are absent from classes in making up the necessary material and assignments. The Asper School of Business is strongly recommending instructors to record all classes and share these password-protected and streamable only (not downloadable) videos with students based on a case-by-case need. An extended sickness may result in the student having to withdraw from the course and the Dean's Office will support the student in their application for Authorized Withdrawals, consistent with overall university directives.

9. If the University is officially shut down all classes and teaching laboratories will be cancelled and rescheduled centrally.

Health plan

The following provides some common-sense suggestions for protecting ourselves, our families, our communities, and our research from potential infections from a wide variety of microbial
  1. Consider getting a flu shot.
  2. If you develop symptoms of a cold or flu, please stay at home and don’t come to campus until you are symptom free. Contact your immediate supervisor by telephone or email to keep them informed. You can contact Manitoba Health Links/Info Sante at 204-788-8200 or toll-free 1-888-315-9257 to determine what course of action should be considered.
  3. If a member of your household becomes ill, see and follow point 2 above.
  4. If you do isolate yourself, whether because of illness or concern, contact family, friends, and your supervisor via phone or email immediately and update your supervisor on a regular basis.
  5. During times of year when viral infections become more common or in the event of unusual medical situations (such as the SARS, H1N1 and current coronavirus episodes), practice social distancing (i.e. keep your distance, make meetings virtual, don’t hug or shake hands and make a conscious effort to avoid crowds).
  6. Practice good personal hygiene such as wearing a mask where/when required, covering your mouth with your forearm when you cough or sneeze, and washing/sanitizing your hands thoroughly regularly.
  7. If you are engaged in active research, have a contingency plan, possibly in conjunction with your supervisor, for how you can leave your work on short notice.
  8. Plan your attendance at conferences and other academic events in ways that will minimize expense if you have to cancel the event.
  9. For additional information, please refer to the following sites: