image of tipi in front of migizii agamik.

Engaging community, expanding Indigenous leadership


Building an action plan

Updated June 23, 2023 What we are doing

To address the need for organizational and structural change, six projects have been defined.

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The project teams include faculty, staff and students representing all areas of the university, allowing us to maximize senior leadership support and share the reconciliation efforts. This is consistent with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action that clearly identify this process as a Canadian commitment to change, not an Indigenous problem to be resolved by the Indigenous community alone.  

Each project consists of representation from departments and faculties across the university, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous faculty and staff, and Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Over 60 people are actively involved in 29 commitments. 

Building capacity

How to get involved

If you are a UM faculty, staff or student and would like support any of the project efforts, please reach out to us. We would like to continually create opportunities to strengthen and expand upon current approaches through ongoing policy review and action.