• Gayle Restall, associate professor
  • Associate professor

    College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Department of Occupational Therapy
    Room 127, 771 McDermot Ave.
    University of Manitoba
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Research summary

Current research interests include:

  • Social inclusion and community participation of people with chronic health condition across the life
  • Client, service user and citizen participation in health planning and evaluation
  • HIV stigma and discrimination
  • Early identification of children with developmental risk factor
  • Health services planning and evaluation
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Application of client-centred practice
  • Occupational therapy and primary health care


Dr. Gayle Restall is an associate professor at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences and is a registered occupational therapist with a PhD in Community Health Sciences.

Dr. Restall is passionate about involving people who require health services, in their own care, program development, research, and social policy making; exploring the experiences of people living with chronic health conditions in accessing supports and services to participate fully in community life; enabling the uptake of evidence into clinical practice; and facilitating equity in health and health service delivery.

She has been involved in numerous professional and community organizations, most recently, as a board member of the Nine Circles Community Health Centre and the Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Winnipeg, and of Realize, a national organization that fosters positive change for people living with HIV and other episodic disabilities.

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