• Diana Sanchez Ramirez.
  • Assistant professor

    College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Department of Respiratory Therapy
    Room 334 - 771 McDermot Ave.
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 0T6

    Phone: 240-480-1346
    Fax: 204-789-3927

Research summary

Dr. Sanchez-Ramirez’s research program aims to enhance quality of life and participation among people with chronic conditions, including lung diseases and long COVID, and to advance in the field of respiratory care. Her professional portfolio includes diverse research experience in clinical research, epidemiology and medical education using mixed methods and quantitative approaches such as surveys, patient clinical evaluation, performance measures, medical records, and health data linkage from administrative databases.

Research interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare use
  • Morbidity and management of chronic conditions with respiratory involvement (e.g., long COVID): Epidemiology and outcomes
  • Public health
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: What works for whom?
  • Use of the technology in Telerehabilitation and Telemonitoring (e.g., wearables, portable devices)


Dr. Diana Sanchez-Ramirez is an assistant professor in the department of respiratory therapy at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. She is a registered physical therapist with clinical experience passionate about identifying ways to improve health-related quality of life in people living with chronic conditions, especially among vulnerable populations (older adults, Indigenous people, Immigrants).


Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Degree in Biomedical Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree in Public Health, Copenhagen University, Denmark and Granada University, Spain.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Industrial University of Santander, Colombia.

Postdoctoral Training in Injury Prevention Centre, School of Public Health, University of Alberta.



  • Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Research Grant in Long COVID (Principal Investigator). Physical activity levels and cardiovascular responses in post-COVID-19. Funding: $4,000.
  • Manitoba Medical Service Foundation Research Grant. Effect of Pulmonary Telerehabilitation and Telemonitoring for patients with chronic respiratory diseases: a feasibility study (Principal Investigator). Funding: $29,000.


  • University Collaborative Research Program, University of Manitoba. Self-management of post-COVID-19 syndrome using wearable biometric technology (Co-PI with Dr. Rodrigo Villar). Funding: $24,978.
  • The Lung Association, Manitoba Inc. Operating Grant. Association between physical activity, cardiorespiratory responses and symptom exacerbation in patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome (Co-PI with Dr. Sandra Webber, Brenda Tittlemier, and Shelley Sargent). Funding: $30,000.


  • The Health Sciences Centre Foundation Allied Health Grant. Pulmonary Rehabilitation post-COVID-19: a pilot study (Co-PI with Greg Hodges, Melissa Colbeck, Brenda Semenko). Funding: $22,428.
  • University Research Grants Program (URGP), University of Manitoba. Using technology to engage patients with interstitial lung disease in a home exercise program (Principal Investigator). Funding: $9,994.


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