Research affiliations

  • Riverview Health Centre
  • Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba

Research groups

The Quebec Rehabilitation Research Network (REPAR)

National advisory board 

Brain Injury Canada: Scientific advisory committee member

Research summary

Dr. Amine Choukou’s research focuses on the ways smart technologies and services can enhance the quality of life of people living with disabilities including physical or cognitive impairment.

He is currently developing and implementing ambient assisted living solutions (Smart Home, in-home telemonitoring), apps for caregivers, and telerehabilitation platforms. Ultimately, these technologies are intended to help these individuals live independently with dignity, thereby reducing caregiver burden and improving health-care allocation/provision.

For that purpose, he is currently leading multidisciplinary research projects in Canada and Europe in partnership with patients, caregivers and industry and in collaboration with researchers from various disciplines (including computer science, electrical and computer engineering, architecture and design).

He is conducting most of his research in the Rehabilitation Technologies Lab in the Rehabilitation Hospital ( and in the iRobohabilitation Lab in the SmartPark Research &Technology Park where he collaborates with award-winning start-ups.

In addition to government funds, his research is supported by the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, the University of Manitoba, industry partners and Mitacs.



Dr. Amine Choukou is an assistant professor in occupational therapy at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences as well as an adjunct professor in UM’s biomedical engineering graduate program. He currently holds the Gerry McDole Professorship in Improved Healthcare Delivery to Rural, Remote and Underserved Populations of Manitoba

Dr. Choukou is the author of more than 25 peer-reviewed articles and 10 book chapters and has presented his research work in more than 50 conferences around the world.

He is the co-editor of “Smart Home Technologies and Services for Geriatric Rehabilitation” published by Elsevier (2021).


  • PhD in Human Kinetics, Université Paris Sud

His PhD was followed by an intensive research training in international research centers in France (SSMMH Doctoral School, Paris) and Quebec (CIRRIS/Université Laval).


Dr. Choukou's awards include, but are not limited to, the following:

2020-2022 - Research Manitoba & Victoria General Hospital Foundation - Telepresence Robot for People with Dementia. Co-PI: Reg Urbanowski & Amine Choukou ($360,000)

2021 - Evaluation and validation of end users’ perception, attitude and behaviour toward iAccompany online healthcare services, Mitacs & Epyonne (Indigenous Startup, Manitoba) ($30,000)

2021 - Mitacs Globalink - An information system for smart home monitoring. PI: Amine Choukou ($12,000)

2021 - Mitacs Accelerate - A monitoring program for patients with stroke discharged home. PI: Amine Choukou ($15,000)

2020-2021 - Deer Lodge Centre Foundation - A sensor-based monitoring program targeting patients with stroke discharged home. PI: Amine Choukou, co-applicants: Margriet Pol, Bianca Buurman ($13,589)

2020-2022 - Mitacs Accelerate - A virtual reality (VR)-based yoga exercise program targeting upper and lower extremities function in stroke survivors who are discharged home. PI: Amine Choukou ($150,000). partner: March of Dimes Canada

2019-2022 - Mitacs Accelerate - Development and implementation of a haptic-enabled multimodal robotic platform (H-MRP) for upper-limb fine motor skills retraining ($135,000) Partner: Tactile Robotics

2019-2020 - Collaborative Innovation Res Fund (CIRF), University of Manitoba - An Activity Monitoring Platform (AMP) for AAL ($50,000) PI: Amine Choukou, co-applicants: Pourang Irani, Ahmed Sharif, Rasit Eskicioglu

2019 - Riverview Health Centre Research Competition - Developing a platform for posture and body language recognition in patients with dementia, PI: Amine Choukou ($13,600)

2019 - REPAR-INTER Grant - REPAR Strategic group activity: Development of repositories of assessment tools addressing the usability of rehabilitation technologies, group application (co-applicant)

2018 - NSERC: applied research and development grant - Development of a non-motorized treadmill for rehabilitation, PI: Amine Choukou ($75,000)

2018 - AGEWELL: catalyst funding program - Development of a suspension system for multiple sclerosis patient rehabilitation, PI: Amine Choukou ($50,000)

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