A student practicing the violin.

How to earn a music minor

Music minors choose from a wide array of interesting music electives, and are eligible to join any of our many ensembles. Participation in collaborative music courses provides students a sense of belonging in a community of smart, kind and driven musicians, while also gaining elective course credits towards graduation.

The music minor requires 18 credit hours of music courses, including the following:

The remaining nine credit hours can be fulfilled using music courses for which the student has the appropriate prerequisites or permission, with exceptions.

The following cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of the music minor:


Students pursuing a minor in music can use up to 6 credit hours of ensemble courses to fulfill the credit hour requirements. Ensemble participation requires an audition, which takes place the beginning of Fall Term each year. Ensembles are worth 2 credit hours per year per ensemble.

Minor practical study

Students can also undertake minor practical study, a year-long course worth 3 credit hours. Participation requires permission from the dean.

The courses are: