Meet our Orff instructors

  • Mary Lynn Berti an Orff movement instructor.
  • Mary Lynn Berti, movement

    Mary Lynn Berti has been an arts educator for more than 30 years. A graduate of The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division, she taught ballet and creative movement for the RWB School and Arts Umbrella in Vancouver. Berti returned to Winnipeg to pursue her Music and Education degrees from the University of Manitoba as a voice major specializing in early years music education. 

    She has taught K-8 Music in Seven Oaks School Division for 16 years. In 2015, she graduated with a master’s degree in Education from the University of Manitoba, and recently was the recipient of the Morna-June Morrow Award for Excellence in Music Education in Manitoba. 

  • Carolyn Boyes an Orff choral instructor.
  • Carolyn Boyes, choral

    Carolyn Boyes has taught music at the elementary, middle and senior levels, in English, French immersion and milieu programs. She worked as the Winnipeg School Division’s performing arts consultant and currently teaches high school choral music at École Sisler High School. She is artistic director and conductor (treble choruses) of the Winnipeg Boys' Choir. She earned her Master of Music (choral conducting) from the University of Manitoba.

    She is most proud of earning her Level III Carl Orff Certificate from UM and continuing to collaborate with the Manitoba Orff Chapter and Orff community to promote teaching children through the Orff approach. 

  • Jewel Casselman an Orff recorder instructor.
  • Jewel Casselman, recorder

    Jewel Casselman is a K-5 music specialist at Lakewood School in Winnipeg. She teaches an Orff-based program, running Orff and handbell clubs along with primary and intermediate choirs. She teaches the grade 4/5 science curriculum, where she incorporates the arts into her science teaching. Casselman has completed her post baccalaureate and master’s degree in Education with a focus on the arts. She has been teaching the recorder component of the Orff Levels courses at the University of Manitoba since 2000.  

  • Amanda Ciavarelli a basic Orff 2 instructor.
  • Amanda Ciavarelli, Basic Orff 2

    Amanda teaches kindergarten to grade 6 students at École South Pointe School in Winnipeg, MB. Her program includes Orff ensembles, recorder ensembles, and choirs, and her students have many opportunities to perform during the year at school concerts and assemblies, at divisional music festivals, at the Winnipeg Music Festival, and with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  

    Ciavarelli is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and holds an Orff Level III Certification.  She is passionate about elementary music education because of the important role music plays in educating the whole child.

  • Chantal Dubois an Orff du base 2 instructor.
  • Chantal Dubois, Orff du base 2

    Chantel Dubois is the author of the MUSIQUE en fête, NATIONS en fête and TROUBADOURS en fête books written according to the pedagogy of Carl Orff. She completed her doctoral studies in ethnomusicology at the Université de Montréal. She has been a lecturer for many years at Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke and Université du Québec à Montréal in musical pedagogy, mainly according to the Orff approach to the global development of children (levels 1 and 2). She is an Orff teacher and French mentor for Carl Orff Canada's training, Music for children, and a guest clinician at major music education conferences and development in all Canadian provinces including Carl Orff Canada Conference, Vision 2020. She studies research and creation in different spheres of music education in teaching music and dance in preschool and primary, and has a passion for multi-ethnic musics and traditional games. She engages in cultural missions when traveling to foreign countries through active field research.
    Auteure des livres MUSIQUE en fête, NATIONS en fête et TROUBADOURS en fête selon la pédagogie de Carl Orff. Études doctorales en ethnomusicologie à l’Université de Montréal. Chargée de cours active pendant de nombreuses années à l’Université Laval, l’Université de Sherbrooke et l’Université du Québec à Montréal plus principalement selon l’approche Orff (niveaux 1 et 2). Spécialiste Orff et mentore francophone pour la formation Musique pour enfants Carl Orff Canada. Animatrice invitée dans les principaux congrès et perfectionnements en éducation musicale dans l'ensemble des provinces canadiennes dont le Congrès Carl Orff Canada, Vision 2020, Edmonton, avril 2020. Recherche et création en enseignement de la musique et de la danse au préscolaire/primaire. Passion et compilation des musiques et jeux traditionnels multiethniques, richesse inestimable de notre patrimoine mondial. Missions culturelles lors de voyages en pays étrangers par la recherche active sur le terrain.

  • Karen Tole-Henderson a basic Orff 1 instructor.
  • Karen Tole-Henderson, Basic Orff 1

    Karen Tole-Henderson holds a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba. She is an Elementary Music Specialist at Shamrock School in the Louis Riel School Division. She has her Orff Specialist Certificate and has completed the Orff Levels Teacher Training Mentorship Program through Carl Orff Canada. Tole-Henderson is actively involved with many music education organizations and is the past president of the Manitoba Music Educators’ Association. 

Meet our Kodaly instructors

  • David Stark a Kodaly musicianship instructor.
  • David Stark, musicianship

    David Stark began his Kodály music education at the age of five in his hometown of Nanaimo. He has studied piano, composition, and English literature, and has earned a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Ethnomusicology. He also completed a three-level Kodály music education program at the University of Calgary with Lois Choksy. 

    A long-time music educator, David has taught elementary music in BC, Alberta, and now works for the Louis Riel School Division teaching early-years music and guitar. 

  • Dr. Jody Stark Kodaly instructor, pedagogy and material.
  • Dr. Jody Stark, pedagogy and material

  • Andrea Wicha a conducting and ensemble Kodaly instructor.
  • Andrea Wicha, conducting and ensemble

    Andrea Wicha teaches choir, drama, and musical theatre at Shaftesbury High School. She is the conductor of the Pembina Trails Voices Choraliers girls’ choir, having previously worked with the PTV kindergarten/grade one and grade two/grade three choirs. Over her career, Andrea has taught music in English and French immersion programs from elementary to high school. She has a B. Mus./B.Ed. degree and level 1 Kodály certificate from Brandon University, and a level 3 certificate in Orff-Schulwerk and a Masters of Music (Choral Conducting) from the University of Manitoba. 

    Andrea is a well-known choral conductor who is often in demand as an adjudicator and clinician.