Advocacy for Open Science
OECD's Six Factors for Open Science (OECD 2015) - by Gaelen Pinnock - Designer commissioned by the UCT Research office / UCT eResearch centre. CC BY-SA 4.0 available from Wikimedia Commons


Policy developments


In February 2020 the Chief Science Advisor of Canada released the Roadmap for Open Science. This report is to provide principal guidance and recommendations for open science activities in Canada. It encompasses the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications and the Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management.


The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO in November 2021. UNESCO’s use of the term ‘science’ incorporates the enterprise of humankind regardless of discipline.

Six Key Objectives of the Statement:

  1. Promote a common understanding of open science, its benefits and challenges, and the diverse paths to open science
  2. Cultivate a policy environment for open science
  3. Invest in open science infrastructures and services
  4. Invest in human resource capacity including training, education, digital literacy
  5. Foster a culture for open science and align incentives supporting open science
  6. Promote innovation for open science in all stages of scientific process.