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Getting started

A retiree email may be issued to UM academic and support staff upon retirement, whether or not they are members of The University of Manitoba Retiree Association (UMRA).

Retirees with Emeritus or Senior Scholar appointments can keep their employee email accounts. Emeritus retirees will permanently keep their active employee email accounts, and those with Senior Scholar appointments will move to the retiree email solution once their appointments expire.

This is an optional service you must request.

Terms and conditions

The retiree email account may be used for personal purposes. Retired academic staff may also use the account to continue their scholarly work. The account is not to be used in association with a business or other commercial operation, whether or not such an operation is for profit.

Please see the Terms of Use - Retiree email account (@umr)

Retiree email address

You will get a new retiree email address. Your new retiree email will be firstname.lastname@umr.umanitoba.ca. This format was selected to be as close as possible to active employee email accounts.

Email forwarding

You may move personal emails or emails related to your scholarly work from your previous employee email account to your retiree email account.

You are responsible for ensuring that your personal emails or emails related to your scholarly work are transferred to and retained in the retiree email account. You should not move information regarding university business to your retiree email account or retain such information within that account.

Collecting and retaining personnel information (including about students and employees of the university) or confidential business information about the university within a retiree email account is prohibited.

Accessing your email

Retiree email may be accessed through a browser using Microsoft 365 Outlook online. The full Microsoft 365 suite of applications is not available to retirees.

Visit  Microsoft 365 and Office Resources for a list of supported browsers.

Request retiree email and/or out-of-office message

Create an IT ticket to request a retiree email and/or setup instructions for an out-of-office retiring message in your existing mailbox. Someone from the IST Service Desk will contact you to ask for more information and assist you.

Request retiree email and/or out-of-office retiring message instructions

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