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Getting started

  1. Download the Shared Mailbox Request form.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Submit the form to the IST Service Desk.

Preview or download form

Important information

  • Use of the shared mailbox address must be limited to the function for which it is assigned.
  • Your department must designate a UM staff member as the owner of the mailbox
  • There is no expiry date on the mailbox
  • External (non-UM) email accounts cannot be included as members of a shared mailbox

Uses for this form

  • Request a Shared Mailbox for multiple individuals to read and send email messages from a common email address.
  • Optional: Set "Send as" or "Send on Behalf" access for shared mailbox members.
    • "Send as": allows a member to send email from the shared mailbox. The From field in the message will look like "shared mailbox name".
    • "Send on Behalf": allows a member to send an email on behalf of the shared mailbox. The From field in the message will look like "Member name on behalf of shared mailbox name".

Submit your form

  • Add your form as an attachment to an IT ticket or drop the form off at the IST Service Desk.

    Request shared mailbox (attach completed form) 

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