Residence life coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators are full time, live-in staff, responsible for the day-to-day operation of all residences. With assistance from the Associate Director, Residence Life, they hire, train, and supervise the other residence life staff, serve as a resource to the student government, and are the primary disciplinary authority in our residences.

The Residence Life Coordinators' primary goal is to support the educational goals of UM. They are responsible for the care and control of the premises, providing a safe and secure learning and living environment. They provide residents with crisis intervention, act as an emergency resource, provide routine house and resident activities, resolve disputes and behavioural problems and provide policy enforcement. The Residence Life Coordinators play an integral role in the University community as mentors and role models to the student body at large. They are responsible for the promotion of the residence community within the University.

2024–2025 Residence Life Coordinators

Acting Associate Director
Jessica Dearborn
Phone: 204-474-7196

Residence Student Support Coordinator
Jessica Dearborn
Phone: 204-480-1411

Residence advisors

Residence Advisors (RAs) are your guides to an informed and enjoyable life in residence. They are full-time students who are familiar with the day-today operation of the residence, the department of Student Residences and the UM community. RAs are there for you, so please make use of their knowledge and training. Typically, there is one RA per floor. They are not randomly selected or thrown into their position without direction—they go through a thorough selection process. By the time you arrive in residence, your RA will have completed a training program designed to provide them with a basic understanding of the experiences and pressures you will face over the next eight months.

2024–2025 Residence Advisors

Arthur V. Mauro:
Sophie Dexter, Connor Bishop, Kyrena D’Silva , Eve Thu, Ethan Niemczyk, Zoey Mguni

Pembina Hall Residence:
Tawana Mahari, Chloe Schatzler, Anna Griffin, Aqsa Saqib,Vida Dana, Alex Yermakov, Daniel Aderemi-Fawoye, Kayla Nyambu, Nishita Das, Damiyana Patel, Rayden Seela

University College Residence:
Alex Simonov, Mylene Usipiuk, Darren Gotore, Beatrix Tabak, Paige Leornardo, Rodrigo Alegria

Mary Speechly Hall:
Tshego Matshoga, Fiona Hruby, Amir Ferdosi, Elizabeth Rothstein, Adedolapo Osinloye, Jannat Rharmili, Emika Kongamornsaichol, Milo Will

Contact your RA

For after hour emergency maintenance issues that require an immediate response, please contact the appropriate RA by phone:

Arthur V. Mauro Residence: 204-223-3300

Mary Speechly Hall: 204-223-8867

Pembina Hall Residence: 204-223-3092

University College Residence: 204-223-5403

Senior resident advisors

Not only do Senior Resident Advisors (SRAs) perform the roles of RAs, they also coordinate and implement residence-wide programs in conjunction with the Residence Life Coordinators. SRAs play an integral role in the residence community as mentors and role models to students living in residence. The position has immense opportunities for personal growth and professional development. It affords the student a chance to develop skills in conflict resolution, leadership, management, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

2024–2025 Senior Residence Advisors

Arthur V. Mauro Residence:
Ethan Niemczyk

Mary Speechly Hall:
Tshego Matshoga

Pembina Hall Residence:
Damiyana Patel

University College Residence:
Alex Simonov

International resident advisor

The International Resident Advisor (IRA) is an RA intended to serve the needs of all international students in residence. The IRA is familiar with campus resources and services offered, including Counselling Services, Career Services, Learning Assistance Centre, University Health Services, Financial Aid and Awards, the International Centre for Students and cultural student groups across campus and the Winnipeg community. The International Resident Advisor acts as a resource for all international students living in residence and facilitates residence-wide events through a cultural lens.

2024–2025 International Residence Advisor

Arthur V. Mauro Residence:
Zoey Mguni

Indigenous resident advisor

The Indigenous Resident Advisor (IRA) plays a crucial role in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for Indigenous students living in residence. Committed to celebrating and promoting Indigenous culture, the IRA is a dedicated student leader who organizes cultural events, provides peer support and serves as an advocate for the Indigenous community on campus. By creating a welcoming space for all students, they help bridge cultural gaps and enhance the university experience for everyone. The IRA lives in Pembina Hall, which offers an Indigenous Living Learning Community.

2024–2025 Indigenous Residence Advisor

Pembina Hall Residence:
Rayden Seela

Meet Rayden Seela, our Indigenous Resident Advisor.

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