• $500

    Helps fund a laptop through the UM Student Technology Fund

  • $400

    Pays for groceries and utilities bills for one family through the UM Emergency Bursary Fund

  • $250

    Funds one week of working hours in the UM Work-Study Program

The power to succeed UM Student Technology fund

Since the beginning of the pandemic, UM students are relying on technology more than ever before. On-campus labs have been less accessible and many courses are continuing to be taught online. Many students do not have the essential technology tools required to support online learning.

To help ensure our students can continue their education, the university and donors like you established the UM Student Technology Fund, which provides $500 towards a new or refurbished laptop that meets a student's online learning requirements. The fund has already provided laptops to over 600 students in need, but our waitlist continues to grow.

Your gift will provide students with the tools they need to succeed.

  • Funmi Morakinyo, UM Technology Fund recipient.
Thanks to UM donors, I was able to continue my studies and successfully rise above this challenging time.
Funmi Morakinyo Fourth year Nursing student

Support when all else fails UM Emergency Bursary Fund

The UM Emergency Bursary Fund provides short­-term assistance with bursaries of up to $1000 to students who experience unexpected and immediate financial emergencies. This includes, but is not limited to: job loss, unforeseen personal living costs and delays in government loans.

Emergency bursaries are not intended to act as a regular supplement or substitute for traditional forms of student financial aid. Instead, these bursaries are designed to ensure UM students quickly receive the support they need – and are able to continue their studies – when a crisis occurs.

Your gift will provide support to students when all else fails.

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  • Carmilla Seymour, emergency bursary fund recipient.
Help came right when my family needed it. I just started crying tears of joy as soon as I received it. It encouraged me to keep going.
Camilla Seymour Third year Inner City Social Work student (undergraduate)

A foundation to build a better future on UM Work-Study Program

The UM Work-Study Program offers part-time on-campus and off-campus employment for students. The program provides job opportunities that allow students to build on their classroom learning, cultivate professional connections and acquire strategies for career success that will make their transition to the workplace easier.

Since 2015 demand from students to participate in the program has more than tripled. Typically – for every one student given a job – four to six are not able to participate due to limited capacity.

Your gift will enable us to expand the program and provide more work experience for students while they complete their university studies.

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  • Kaye Quizon, work-study program participant.
Without this fund, I would've never had the opportunity to get the career experience I needed.
Kaye Quizon Third year medical microbiology and infectious diseases student (master's)

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