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Environmental compliance

Accidental environmental releases

Sewer and stormwater drains

Hazardous materials are not permitted to be discharged directly or indirectly into any sewer or stormwater drain. This includes any substance that has hazardous properties or contains hazardous ingredients, as listed by applicable regulatory bodies. Specific information can be found on the Environmental compliance page on UM Intranet.

Spill reporting

While prevention of hazardous material spills is the top priority, spills can happen. If a spill does occur, it must be immediately reported to the EHSO who will communicate incidents to all relevant levels of government and stakeholders. More information can be found under Chemical safety. Please consult the Environmental compliance page on the UM Intranet and relevant safety program page for specific information for the different types of hazardous materials managed at the University of Manitoba.

Contaminated sites

The University of Manitoba has a responsibility under MB Environment and Climate to actively manage contaminated sites. If you become aware of a contaminated site, please notify EHSO immediately. For active spill response, please refer to the Chemical safety page.

Environmental permits and licenses

There are several types of facilities and activities that require special approvals, permitting or licenses under the MB Environment Act. EHSO provides administrative support and oversight for these items, including liaison with regulators and review of environmental testing or reports. For more information regarding incinerators, manure storage, water treatment facilities, aboveground/underground storage tanks, pesticides, ozone depleting substances or other environmental aspects, contact us.

Regulatory reporting

In addition to reporting required by our environmental permits and licenses, EHSO also prepares and submits other reports required by environmental regulations. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting is done in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability.

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