Intelligent manufacturing, industrial robotics, machine vision, AI in manufacturing, automation systems, precision control.


Industrial robotics, system integration, machine vision, AI-enabled automation, system dynamics, control systems.

Research description

Dr. Khoshdarregi's research focuses on developing autonomous and self-adaptive industrial robotic and automation systems that can perform desired tasks with minimal human intervention. This is achieved by developing intelligent 3D vision solutions that allow industrial robots to "see" and "think"! In more technical terms, the developed vision systems allow industrial robots to automatically detect and localize parts, extract desired process information from CAD models, guide the robot to perform required operations, and inspect the quality of final products. Such robotic systems are set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and enable robotic automation of non-repetitive tasks which have traditionally been impossible to automate.


Dr. Matt Khoshdarregi is the director and principal investigator of the Intelligent Digital Manufacturing Laboratory (IDML) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba. Before joining UofM in 2017, he completed his MSc and PhD studies at UBC Vancouver in the field of precision manufacturing and automation.

Graduate Student Opportunities

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Selected Publications