Access Downtown Dental Clinic

The Access Downtown Dental Clinic is located at 640 Main Street within a Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Community Health Centre which provides health services to the surrounding community.

Operated by CCOH, the Access Downtown clinic is staffed by dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and support staff. Our fully equipped, four-chair clinic welcomes all clientele and offers a full range of dental services.

We recommend that you call to schedule appointments. Please ensure to bring your private insurance and/or government insurance information (if applicable).

Churchill Dental Clinic

Churchill, Manitoba, touted as the Polar Bear Capitol of the World, borders the Kigali region and is nestled on the Western shore of Hudson Bay about 650 miles north of Winnipeg.

Established in 2003, the Dental Clinic provides high quality, evidence-based oral health services to residents of Churchill and its surrounding communities. Two dentists rotate through the clinic, providing services two weeks each month. In addition, the clinic features a director, dental program co-ordinator/administrator, additional dentists for call-up as required, dental assistants, additional registered dental hygienists for call-up as required, a health promotion specialist, and a receptionist.

The clinic also provides pediatric dental care under general anesthetic one to two weeks per month, to Nunuvut children from the Kivilliq, Kitikmeot and Baffin Regional as well as the children residing in Churchill.

Pediatric Operating Room (O.R.) Oral Surgery Program:
Operating approximately two weeks per month, our dental oral surgery team provides pediatric care under general anesthesia to children of Kivalliq, Kitikmeot and Baffin Island Regions as well as children residing in Churchill.

Deer Lodge Centre

Deer Lodge Centre (DLC) is a long-term care and rehabilitation facility operated by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and provides in-patient, out-patient and outreach programs to the community. Deer Lodge Centre serves adults who require rehabilitation and specialized care for long term health concerns.

Within Deer Lodge Centre, CCOH operates a large well-equipped clinic on the 2nd floor. Our staff are committed to providing exceptional care the to residents of Deer Lodge Centre, Deer Lodge Centre staff and individuals within the surrounding community.

We recommend that appointments are scheduled in advance. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Home Dental Care Program

Established in 1985, this outreach program provides dental care for individuals who are unable or have difficulty traditional dental clinic. Utilizing three dental mobile vans, dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants visit long term care homes, the residences of homebound individuals and hospitals.

We offer the best possible care and a wide range of dental services, customized to each individual patient's needs.

Services include dental exams, dental hygiene care, restorations, extractions, denture fabrication and more.

Client enrolment form (PDF)

If you require the client enrolment form (linked above) in an alternate accessible format, please contact

All appointments must be scheduled in advance.

Manitoba Developmental Centre Dental Clinic

Located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) is an accredited residential care facility providing care, supervision and developmental programs for adults with an intellectual disability. With over 400 residents, the centre is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the Manitobans who reside there.

Using our onsite dental clinic, the Centre for Community Oral Health's (CCOH) dentists and dental hygienists provide a range of clinical services as well as oral health promotion services to the residents and staff at the Manitoba Developmental Centre.

For information about the Manitoba Developmental Centre, visit their website.

Selkirk Mental Health Centre Dental Clinic

Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC) provides specialized inpatient mental health services, acquired brain injury treatment, and rehabilitation services to Manitoba residents whose challenging needs cannot be met elsewhere in the provincial health care system. Services are provided through five specialized patient programs: Acute, Geriatric, Rehabilitation, Forensic, and Acquired Brain Injury. SHMC also provides mental health services to people from the Territory of Nunavut without locally available inpatient mental health facilities.

Using our onsite dental clinic, the Centre for Community Oral Health’s (CCOH) dentists and dental hygienists provide a range of clinical services as well as oral health promotion services to the residents and staff at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

For more information about the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, visit their website.

St. Amant Centre Dental Clinic

St. Amant is a comprehensive resource for Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism. A wide range of programs, services, and care is provided to support individuals and their families.

Using our onsite dental clinic, the Centre for Community Oral Health’s (CCOH) dentists and dental hygienists provide a range of clinical services as well as oral health promotion services to the individuals at St. Amant Inc.

For more information about St. Amant Inc., visit their website.

Health Promotion Unit (HPU)
Each clinic offers a Health Promotion Unit (HPU) that provides a variety of promotional services throughout the year for the community surrounding the clinic, including:

training and educational resources and presentations for post/pre-natal programs;
oral health education programs for local schools and daycares;
oral health presentations to newcomers to Canada.

To have the Health Promotion Unit to come and do an oral health presentation to your group, contact us.

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