Excellence in Teaching Award

This award was established by FAFS to recognize exceptional contributions to the teaching mandate of the Faculty. The award is based on achievements in one or more of the following categories:

  • development of new undergraduate and/or graduate courses
  • leadership in, or substantial contributions to, curriculum review or development
  • research in educational pedagogy
  • integration of faculty research in undergraduate education
  • enhancement of student learning through the use of service or experiential learning activities
  • mentorship of students participating in national or international competitions
  • facilitating a challenging, engaging and stimulating learning environment
  • authorship of a textbook
  • development and delivery of stakeholder training programs
  • other evidence of excellence in teaching (including exceptional SEEQ scores)

Academic staff who hold an UMFA rank (professors and instructors) in FAFS
minimum of three continuous years of university teaching experience
have not held this award within the last 5 years

Selection Criteria
The evaluation of nominations, including the establishment of criteria for ranking the nominations based on the criteria listed above, will be carried out by the FAFS Executive Committee.

One award recipient will be selected in each academic year, with the selection to be made by June 30th.

Nomination Procedures
The call for nominations will be sent to all staff and students in the faculty. Nominations may be made by any member of the Faculty (academic staff, support staff, students) or member of the community.

Please download, read the Terms of Reference (PDF) and submit a Nomination Letter noting one or more of the achievements of the instructor from the ten categories shown above. Additional letters of support can also be included.

Due Date: May 15

Please forward the nomination letter and all additional information in one PDF by email to: rachel.sydor@umanitoba.ca and include subject heading: FAFS Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination.

The recipient will receive a certificate along with a grant of $2,500 that can be used in support of either teaching or research activities. Funds must be used within the fiscal academic year (by March 31).

Public announcement and presentation of the award will be made in a faculty‐sponsored event with the recipient’s name and picture posted on the Faculty's website.

The award recipient will be invited to the President's reception for winners of teaching awards.

Previous recipients

Jordan Bannerman, Entomology

Claudia Narvaez, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Kateryn Rochon, Entomology

Charles Grant, Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Brian Amiro, Soil Science

Miyoung Suh, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Support Staff Awards

The FAFS Support Staff Award is for outstanding contribution by a support staff member or team to the Faculty and the University of Manitoba. Up to two awards will be offered annually to honour an individual or team who has made a difference in one or more of the following areas:

  • educational experience of Faculty students
  • research and research training
  • service
  • outreach

The award is open to all full-time and part-time support staff employed within FAFS, who will normally have had at least two years of service at the time of nomination. The recipient(s) of the award will not normally be eligible for a further award for five years.

Nominators are asked to specify the area(s) for which the support staff member or team is being nominated. Any time period from time of appointment to the Faculty may be considered for the nomination. If the nominee has previously received this award, the time period to be considered would be since the previous award.

It is expected that the following list of criteria will be among those considered by the nominators and by the selection committee (Faculty Executive). Nominators may refer to the following criteria in developing their case:

  • demonstration of excellence in overall work performance
  • promotion of positive morale through a congenial, supportive attitude and by providing service to others
  • putting forth an effort to improve self as well as to develop and recognize others
  • exhibit initiative and creativity resulting in improving operating efficiency of a work unit or the Faculty/University as a whole
  • enhancing the image of the unit and or Faculty/University
  • other worthy contributions

Distinctive achievement for all criteria will constitute the strongest case for selection. The selection committee, however, will be cognizant of particular outstanding achievements of any one criteria.

Nomination Procedures
The call for nominations will be sent to all staff and students in the faculty. Nominations may be made by any member of the Faculty (academic staff, support staff, students) or member of the community.

Please download, read the Terms of Reference (PDF) and submit the original Nomination Form (PDF) and all additional information.

Due Date: May 15

Please forward the nomination form and all additional information in one PDF by email to: rachel.sydor@umanitoba.ca and include subject heading: FAFS Support Staff Award Nomination.

Previous recipients

Allison Paulusma, Plant Science
Glenlea Research Station and Farm and Food Discovery Centre Team: Samuel Ariyibi, Jay Bourcier, Don Chaput, Kate Cummings, Jackie Edelson, Murry Friesen, Michael Hummel, Archimedes Isit, Hamidreza Khalouei, Lindsey Lippens, Gemmar Maramot, Al Neveux and Barry Peril

John Thoroski, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences
Meenakshi Raina, Richardson Centre for Food Technology and Research

Brittany Bedard, Animal Science
Dean’s Office Research and Communications team: Chantal Bassett, Crystal Jorgenson, Christine Rawluk and Heather Wiebe

Taylor Friesen, Student Services Office
Emily Gregorchuk, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Charlene Hawryluk, Department of Animal Science
Kim Stefaniuk, Dean's Office

Donna Ryland, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences
Wendy Kramer, Dean's Office

Aime Chaput, Animal Science, Glenlea Research Station
Heather Wiebe, Dean's Office

Dennis Laboissiere, Human Nutritional Sciences
Crystal Jorgenson, Dean's Office

Pam Gauthier, Human Nutritional Sciences
Lorne Adam, Plant Science

Christine Rawluk, National Centre for Livestock and the Environment
Dave Holder, Entomology

Pat Kenyon, Department of Food Science
Animal Science team: Deanne Fulawka, Terri Garner, Janice Haines and Michelle Pang

Laurene Davy, Dean’s Office
Biosystems Engineering team: Robert Lavallee and Dale Bourns

Martha Blouw, Plant Science
Rob Ellis, Soil Science