Earn university credit while getting acquainted with the learning environment of the University of Manitoba. Participation in a summer seminar will enable you to form a sense of community with other students during the more relaxed summer campus environment. The course content focuses on the principles of learning and memory, critical thinking, and academic writing, all of which are essential to success at university. In addition, this course counts for 3 credit hours and meets the Written English requirement for most degree programs! Please check the First Year Planning Guide to determine if this course is right for you and your degree program:

Introduction to University (ARTS 1110)

ARTS 1110 Introduction to University is designed to prepare incoming students of all achievement levels to make the transition to the university learning environment. This course counts for 3 credit hours and meets the Written English requirement for most degree programs. The offering introduces you to a university lecture, and also includes smaller break-out sessions where you can focus on developing your writing skills. Please check back to review the course syllabus once posted.

2021 dates and times

Introduction to University (ARTS 1110)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course will be held online this year using videoconferencing software. The University of Manitoba is not holding in-person classes during the Summer 2021 term.

  • Classes will be held July 26 - August 27
  • Classes will be held via online lectures on Mondays-Fridays from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
  • There will be no class held on Terry Fox Day (August 2)
  • A take-home exam will be given as a final exam this year.

Secure your spot

Details about securing a spot will be coming soon. Check back regularly.

What happens next?

  • During the week ranging from June 28 - July 2, you will be notified via email that you are ready to officially register for Summer University Advantage. Instructions for registration will be provided in this email. This email will come from the Introduction to University (ARTS 1110) office.
  • You will register for Summer University Advantage following the instructions provided to you.
  • You will pay your tuition fees and buy your textbooks.


The textbook package for the course is available in the UM Bookstore for $119.95 (new).

Tuition and fees will display in Aurora after registration and will total to approximately $550.00.