Announcing the 2020 winners

We thank all students for their outstanding submissions in this year’s competition! 

The 2020 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition winners are: 


1st – Jordan Krenkevich, Faculty of Science 
Project - Using machine learning to suppress the skin response in breast microwave sensing  
Supervisor: Stephen Pistorius 

2nd – Mateus Braga, Price Faculty of Engineering 
Project - Auto-link UAV to CAD: Software to bridge the gap between UAV design optimization and CAD 
Supervisor: Philip Ferguson  

3rd – Anh Thi Dang, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences 
Project - Effects of pre-treatment on phenolic compounds in yellow and black Mustard 
Supervisor: Usha Thiyam-Hollander 



1st – Max Sandred, Faculty of Architecture 
Project – Theatres of architectural imagination  
Supervisor: Lisa Landrum 

2nd – Mathew Glowacki, Faculty of Architecture 
Project – The effects of different urban scenarios on urban wildlife 
Supervisor: Kamni Gill 

3rd – Lindsay Mamchur, Faculty of Architecture 
Project – Atget and I: A comparative photographic reading  
Supervisor: Susan Close 



1st – Katrina Leong, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences 
Project – Building on patient experience to develop an approach to transitional care in heart failure management 
Supervisor: Gayle Halas 

2nd – Amy Fernando, Faculty of Science 
Project – Preventing mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death in the lipid exposed cardiomyocyte 
Supervisor: Joseph Gordon 

3rd – Tooba Razi, Faculty of Science 
Project – Exploring FBXO7 as a candidate chromosome instability gene in colorectal cancer 
Supervisor: Kirk J. McManus 



1st – Andrea Sutherland, Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources 
Project – A case study on greenwashing by Manitoba Hydro 
Supervisor: Stephane McLachlan 

2nd – Guneet Uppal, Faculty of Science 
Project – Structure elucidation of a platinum complex by x-ray crystallography 
Supervisor: David Herbert 

3rd – Danielle Fowke, Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources 
Project – The effects of  oil drilling noise on reproductive success of chestnut-collared longspur (Calcarius ornatus) in Western Canada  
Supervisor: Nicola Koper 



1st – Lily Pankratz, Faculty of Arts 
Project – Trends in mental health service utilization according to perinatal status: Results from a nationally representative sample 
Supervisor: Kristin Reynolds 

2nd – Hannah Derksen, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences 
Project – Exploring challenges faced by the charitable food sector in Manitoba during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic 
Supervisor: Natalie Riediger 

3rd – Bronwon Grocot, Faculty of Arts 
Project – Associations between pain characteristics & suicidality Across chronic pain conditions 
Supervisor: René El-Gabalawy 

About the competition

The Undergraduate Research Poster Competition is an annual event that takes place every fall at UM. $5,000 in cash prizes (three awards in each category) are up for grabs in five categories: 

  • Applied Sciences
  • Creative Works
  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

The event gives undergraduate students the opportunity to present research they’ve conducted with their advisors over the past year. The breadth and variety of research is significant.


The Poster Competition is open to all UM undergraduate students who:

  • Are enrolled at UM as an undergraduate student
  • Have a UM advisor
  • Are on track to obtain a UM undergraduate degree

Note:  Students who graduated in spring 2020 are eligible to participate, as long as the research represented on the poster was completed while they were and undergraduate student.

The Undergraduate Research Poster Competition is a recognized UM Co-Curricular Record activity and all participants will be recognized.

A room filled with undergraduate students standing beside their research posters while a crowd of attendees moves through the room and views everyones work.

Info, dates and deadlines


Check back in September 2021 for the dates and deadlines for the 2021 Poster Competition.




Competition format

Students will produce a poster and submit it in a pdf format. They must also submit an accompanying video with their poster, when registering. The posters and a link to the videos will be displayed on the poster competition website for viewing and judging beginning Oct. 27 thru Oct. 28, with winners announced Oct. 29 at 1:30 pm on this webpage.  

Poster specifications

48”w x 36”h – landscape – pdf file no greater than 25 mb in size 

Include the correct UM logo per the brand guidelines 

You are NOT required to print your poster for this online competition. 

File naming requirements

Use this file naming convention for your pdf file 

2020-UMUPC-CATEGORY-LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME.pdf (upper or lowercase) 

Video specifications

The video should capture you explaining your poster in a maximum time of 3 minutes.

  • Check out the UM3MT webpage for tips and videos on presenting your research in a succinct way.
  • Your video will allow viewers to watch you present as if you were at an in-person poster session.
  • It is not required that your poster be in view (in the background) while filming your presentation.
  • The poster pdf will be on the webpage next to the link to your video presentation, when uploaded, to allow viewers to see your poster and watch your presentation.

Video must be no longer than 3 minutes in length.

The link can be Public or Unlisted but must be included in the submission form as a link. Information on the difference between these two options and how to change these settings can be found on this Google Youtube info page.

When posting your video to YouTube include the following info in your video: 

  • Title of your poster 

  • Your name 

  • Your research mentor/supervisor’s name, department, faculty 

  • Category you are competing in (applied sciences, creative works, health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities) 

  • This text: 

The Undergraduate Research Poster Competition is an annual event that takes place every fall at the University of Manitoba (UM). $5,000 in cash prizes (three awards in each category) are up for grabs in five categories: Applied Sciences, Creative Works, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities. 

In 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic the competition is taking place online. It is sponsored by the VP Research and International office. The competition provides UM undergraduate students the opportunity to present research (including a literature search) they’ve conducted with their advisors over the past year. The breadth and variety of research is significant.  

The Undergraduate Research Poster Competition is a recognized UM Co-Curricular Record activity and all participants receive this recognition. Each poster is adjudicated and awarding of prizes is based on the judging criterion. Details can be found on the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition webpage 

Video FAQs

How long should my video be? 

Maximum length is 3 minutes.  

How do I record the video? 

The video can be recorded using a camera or smartphone and then uploaded to YouTube. As long as it is an uploaded video of you presenting your research posted on Youtube, how you record it is up to you.

How do I post a video to YouTube? 

Visit Google's page for How To upload videos to YouTube from your computer, smartphone or tablet.  

How do I make my poster Unlisted on YouTube, to protect my Intellectual Property, if I am planning to publish my research?

This link to Google provides an overview of the difference between a Private and Unlisted video. For the Poster Competition you must provide either a Public or Unlisted link to the video in the submission form.


Resources for creating a research poster

86+ million tips for creating a research poster presentation from Google 

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation - from 2007, but still relevant! 

8 ways to create a powerful research poster - tips on using white space, colour, organization and fonts. 
Design tips for creating arts and humanities posters – from Mark McDayter’s blog 

Poster criteria: How the judges will decide

The judges will be evaluating your posters on the following criteria:

Criteria Points
Scholarly Content/ Scientific/Creative Content 25 Points
Appropriate use of images, graphic representation, and/or tables 10 Points
For Non-Creative Works (Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities): Appropriateness of headings, clear objectives and conclusions.
For Creative Works: Clear description/explanation of creative process, identification of issue explored and learning that resulted from the creative project.
25 Points
Overall impression and significance of research 25 Points
Effective communication to the audience through written or visual language that avoids the use of jargon 15 Points
Total 100 Points


I am now in a Master’s program at UM. Can I submit a poster I completed before I graduated?

YES. As long as you were a UMundergraduate student and the poster was completed on/before you graduated in spring 2020.

I am a UM student doing research at another university – am I still eligible to participate in the competition?


Could I submit a poster for a project that isn't completed yet?

YES. We don’t want to discourage you, so if you are comfortable entering the competition with uncompleted work, we will accept the poster.

I did a project this summer with a company where I worked. Could I present the research work I did with them at this competition?

YES. As long as you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student and you have a UM advisor, we will accept the poster.

This summer I participated in a project with many people working on it. Should my poster demonstrate the entirety of the project or just my contribution as a research assistant?

Preferably, you should be the first author of the research on the poster. A disclaimer is highly recommended. You need to be able to identify your role in the context of the larger project. Also, you must contact the others involved for their permission should you present the entirety of the project.

How do I know which category my poster will fall under?

You should check with your research advisor.

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