Two singers hold hands and smile while performing the song "Only Us" from the musical Dear Evan Hansen

About Desautels +

Desautels + is for UM students who want to stay connected to performance and the music community while they pursue a non-music degree, are considering a career in music, or are preparing to audition for the Desautels Faculty of Music in the future.  

Students in Desautels + enjoy participation in UM music ensembles, select music courses, music masterclasses, performances and skill-building workshops, Desautels Faculty of Music mentoring opportunities, and being a part of a welcoming community of music students and faculty members during their studies.

Sample course offerings for Desautels + students

* Limited seats are available for these courses. Please contact the instructor of record for permission to register.

1  This course cannot be used for credit towards a future Desautels Faculty of Music degree. Successful completion of the Rudiments in Music course will exempt the student from the music theory exam portion of their next audition with the Desautels Faculty of Music.

2  Successful completion of a prerequisite course is required to register for this course.

3  An audition at the beginning of the academic year is required for participation in most ensembles.

Music courses can be taken alongside U1 coursework.

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