Engage with government

Government and Community Relations team provides support, information and resources to UM faculty, staff, and students seeking to connect with government officials.

Government Relations assists the university and its staff, faculty and students by:

  • Providing strategic advice on interactions with the government including assisting with the development of proposals to government and government agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive working relationship and network of contacts within the government, opposition and civil service at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.
  • Identifying opportunities for UM to participate in and influence the development of public policy, government initiatives and programs in areas central to its mandate.
  • Ensuring the university is aware of government initiatives and programs in areas central to our mandate.

Engage with UM

Members of government can contact us to work together on involving the university at an event, connecting with researchers and leaders, or creating announcements.

Government Relations assists government officials by:

  • Keeping stakeholders within all levels of government informed about UM’s activities, achievements, needs, concerns and proposals.
  • Coordinating and organizing meetings for senior UM administration with elected officials and civil servants in both Manitoba and Ottawa.
  • Identifying non-traditional sources of government funding for university initiatives.
  • Coordinating visits to campus by elected officials and government representatives.
  • Liaising with Universities Canada and U15 on national legislation and policy issues related to UM’s mandate.

Visit campus

Planning a trip to campus? Our office is here to help you make the most of your time while visiting UM. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Federal Lobbying Act

The University of Manitoba is required under the federal Lobbying Act, R.S.C.1985, c. 44 (4th Supplement) (the "Lobbying Act"), to submit to the federal government the Lobbying Act Compliance Form (the "Form") on a monthly basis.

Federal lobbying activities must be reported by law. Please report your lobbying activity using the online Lobbying Activity Reporting form. UM is only required to report lobbying activity to the Federal Government. For the purposes of supporting a strategic approach to government relations, we ask that you include engagements with all levels of government. If you are an UMFA member, please know that reporting on engagement at the municipal and provincial levels is appreciated but is entirely voluntary.

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