Definitions and terms
University has a language all of its own! Knowing what the terms and definitions mean will help you to make the most informed decisions. Here are some terms you may encounter as you prepare for your first year.

ACADEMIC CALENDAR: The Academic Calendar is the University's official publication containing course descriptions, program and graduation requirements, as well as U of M and faculty/school specific rules, regulations and policies.

AURORA STUDENT: The U of M registration system. It is the system used to track a student's academic and administrative records at the U of M. Among other things, students will use Aurora to look up available classes, register for classes, view their fee assessments and class schedules, print their tax forms, and update their contact information.

CONCURRENT REQUIREMENT: A course that can be completed before or at the same time as a second course. When registering for courses, add the concurrent requirement course(s) first.

COREQUISITE: A course that must be completed in the same term as a second course.

CREDIT HOURS: The hours of credit assigned a course indicating its relative weight. There is a correlation between hours of class time and hours of credit.

DISTANCE AND ONLINE EDUCATION (DE): Courses that are completed on your own time without attending a scheduled lecture.

ELECTIVES: Most programs have a certain number of credit hours that you are free to choose. An elective may be any course from the Recommended Introductory Courses list.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA): Each completed course receives a letter grade to which a numeric value expressed as a grade point is assigned; GPA calculations do not include PASS/FAIL courses. The grade point average (GPA) is the cumulative weighted grade point total divided by the number of credit hours attempted in accordance with faculty/school regulations.

INITIAL REGISTRATION TIME: The day and time when you are given access to Aurora Student to begin your registration.

JUMP: A web portal to your university email account, personal university information, course information, and desk calendar.

LABS: Instructional teaching periods for practical hands-on learning in addition to lecture time.

LECTURE: Time spent in class for course instruction.

MATHEMATICS REQUIREMENT (M): The compulsory math course required by all students to complete a degree program. Some programs require a math course(s) for admission. Courses in the First Year Planning Guide that satisfy the mathematics requirement are noted with an (M) after the course number.

'MAY NOT BE HELD WITH': Some courses have significant content overlap and may not be held for credit together. Exceptions like these are noted in the prerequisite descriptions in the Recommended Introductory Courses list.

PREREQUISITE: A course which must be satisfactorily completed before a more advanced course may be taken. When registering for courses, add the prerequisite course first.

REGISTRATION REVISION PERIOD: The first two weeks of classes in the Fall and Winter terms when changes can still be made to your registration without academic or financial penalties.

REGULAR SESSION: The academic session where courses are offered between the months of September to April.

SPANNED COURSES: A class that is schedule over the course of multiple terms of study, usually Fall/Winter terms or Winter term/Summer Session.

SUMMER SESSION: The academic session where courses are offered in the months of May, June, July and August.

TARGET FACULTY/SCHOOL: Refers to your faculty or school of choice after University 1.

UM Learn: The University of Manitoba's online learning management system where you can access course information and the system used for accessing Distance and Online course materials.

UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: An undergraduate degree is the first degree program completed within university level studies. For example, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL: A Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) is the act of dropping a course following the end of the registration revision period and prior to the Voluntary Withdrawal deadline.

WRITTEN ENGLISH REQUIREMENT (W): The compulsory written course required by all students to complete a degree program. Some programs require a written course(s) for admission. Courses in the First Year Planning Guide that satisfy the written requirement are noted with a (W) after the course number.

Still not sure about terms or have a term not listed? An Advisor in the University 1 First Year Centre would be happy to help you out!

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