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B.Sc. (Eng). Bachelor of Science in Engineering

First Year Courses Credit Hours
ENG 1430 Design in Engineering 3
ENG 1440 Introduction to Statics 3
ENG 1450 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering 3
ENG 1460 Introduction to Thermal Sciences 3
CHEM 1300 Structure and Modelling in Chemistry 3
COMP 1012 Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers 3
MATH 1210 (M) Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra 3
MATH 1510 (M) Applied Calculus or
MATH 1500 (M) Introduction to Calculus
MATH 1710 (M) Applied Calculus 2 or
MATH 1700 (M) Calculus 2
PHYS 1050 Physics 1: Mechanics 3
W course (from Engineering Written English Course list below) 3-6
Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Management course (minimum 1000 level) 3-0
Total Credit Hours

Choose 10 of the 12 courses listed


  • If balancing admission to Engineering with other programs, note that admission to Engineering requires 24 credit hours (a minimum of 8 courses) selected from the First Year Courses chart.
  • Limited space is available in ENG 1430, ENG 1440, ENG 1450, and ENG 1460 to non-engineering students during the Initial Registration period.
  • A 6 credit hour (W) course from the list will satisfy the W requirement, as well as 3 credit hours of Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Management courses.
  • Choose your Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Management course from the Recommended Introductory Courses list. Consider taking PHIL 1290 Critical Thinking as it is a recommended course.
  • ARTS 1110 (W) Introduction to University is not transferable into Engineering.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit may be used to reduce the first year course load and as a prerequisite to 2000 level courses, where applicable.


Minimum Credit Hours: 24 credit hours of specific coursework. See the Applicant Information Bulletin.
Minimum Course Load: University 1 may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.
All admission requirements must be met by the end of April in the year of application.
W Requirement: Not required for admission. Must be met by a course from the Faculty of Engineering Written English (W) Course list. A 6 credit hour (W) course from the list will satisfy the W requirement, as well as 3 credit hours of Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Management courses.
M Requirement: Not required for admission. Will be met by MATH 1210 (M), MATH 1510 (M), and MATH 1710 (M) or the substitutions listed, when completed.
Minimum GPA: 2.00 on 8 courses, with no grade less than a 'C'. Admission is competitive - a higher than minimum GPA is often required and varies each year depending on the applicant pool. View previous admissions statistics online.
Additional Requirements: None.
Selection Criteria: Grades.

Preference within each program will be given to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. However, all programs will admit a minimum of 10% international students.

Applicants may be considered for admission under different categories. see the Applicant Information Bulletin.


  • Chemistry 40S minimum 60% required.
  • Math 40S (Pre-Calculus) minimum 60% required.
  • Physics 40S minimum 60% required.


  • 4 years (153-164 credit hours).
  • Co-op may extend your studies by an additional term(s).


ASIA 1420 (W) Asian Civilization to 1500 (3)
ASIA 1430 (W) Asian Civilization from 1500 (3)
CATH1190 (w) Introduction to Catholic Studies (3)
ENGL 1200 (W) Representative Literary Works (6)
ENGL 1300 (W) Literature Since 1900 (6)
ENGL 1340 (W) Introduction to Literary Analysis (3)
ENGL 1400 (W) Thematic Approaches to the Study of Literature (3)
GPE 2700 (W) Perspectives on Global Political Economy (3)
GRMN 1300 (W) Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation (3)
GRMN 1310 (W) Love in German Culture in English Translation (3)
HIST 1XXX Any 1000 level HIST course (3 or 6 credit hours)
HIST 2XXX Any 2000 level HIST course (3 or 6 credit hours)
NATV 2020 (W) The Métis of Canada (3)
POL 1900 (W) Love, Heroes and Patriotism in Contemporary Poland (3)
POL 2600 (W) Polish Culture until 1918 (3)
POL 2610 (W) Polish Culture 1918 to the present (3)
POLS 1500 (W) Introduction to Politics (6 + lab)
POLS 2000 (W) Introduction to Comparative Politics (6)
POLS 2040 (W) Introduction to International Relations (6)
POLS 2070 (W) Introduction to Canadian Government (6)
RLGN 1322 (W) Introduction to Eastern Religions (3)
RLGN 1324 (W) Introduction to Western Religions (3)
RLGN 1424 (W) Religion and Sexuality (3)
RLGN 1440 (W) Evil in World Religions (3)
RLGN 2036 (W) Introduction to Christianity (3)
RLGN 2140 (W) Introduction to Judaism (3)
RLGN 2160 (W) Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures (3)
RLGN 2170 (W) Introduction to the New Testament (3)
RLGN 2222 (W) The Supernatural in Popular Culture (3)
RLGN 2590 (W) Religion and Social Issues (3)
RUSN 1400 (W) Masterpieces of Russian Literature in English Translation (3)
RUSN 2280 (W) Russian Culture until 1900 (3)
RUSN 2290 (W) Russian Culture from 1900 to the present (3)
RUSN 2310 (W) Exploring Russia Through Film (3)
UKRN 2200 (W) Ukrainian Myths, Rites and Rituals (3)
UKRN 2410 (W) Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Experience (3)
UKRN 2590 (W) Ukrainian Literature and Film (3)
UKRN 2770 (W) Ukrainian Culture until 1900 (3)
UKRN 2780 (W) Ukrainian Culture from 1900 to the present (3)
UKRN 2820 (W) Holodomor and Holocaust in Ukrainian Literature and Culture (3)
WOMN 1500 (W) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the Humanities (3)
WOMN 1600 (W) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the Social Sciences (3)
WOMN 2560 (W) Women, Science and Technology (3)


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