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B.Sc. Bachelor of Science—Agriculture
Agronomy, Animal Systems, or Plant Biotechnology

First Year Courses Credit Hours
AGRI 1500 Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production 3
AGRI 1510 Production, Distribution and Utilization of Agricultural Products 3
BIOL 1020 Biology 1: Principles and Themes 3
BIOL 1030 Biology 2: Biological Diversity, Function and Interactions 3
CHEM 1300 Structure and Modelling in Chemistry 3
CHEM 1310 Introduction to Physical Chemistry or
CHEM 1320 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
ECON 1010 Introduction to Microeconomic Principles 3
ECON 1020 Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles 3
Choose one of the following:
MATH 1210 (M) Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra
MATH 1300 (M) Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
MATH 1500 (M) Introduction to Calculus
MATH 1520 (M) Calculus for Management and Social Sciences
STAT 1000 (M) Basic Statistical Analysis or
Total Credit Hours 30



  • If balancing admission to Agriculture with another program, note that any 24 credit hours of courses are accepted for admission.
  • AGRI 1500, BIOL 1020, BIOL 1030, CHEM 1300, and CHEM 1310 (or CHEM 1320) are prerequisites for required second year courses in the program.  It is recommended to complete these in first year, prior to admission.  Students targeting Animal Systems are additionally advised to take AGRI 1510 in first year.
  • STAT 1000 (M) may be taken in Year 1 or Year 2.
  • Choose electives from the Recommended Introductory Courses list.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit may be used to reduce the first year course load and as a prerequisite to 2000 level courses, where applicable.
Minimum Credit Hours: Any 24 credit hours of coursework.
Minimum Course Load:

University 1 may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Summer Session may be used to complete admission requirements. See the Applicant Information Bulletin for more details.

W Requirement: Not required for admission.  Will be met by AGRI 2030 (W) in Year 2 of the program. 
M Requirement: Not required for admission. Will be met by the mathematics course options listed above, when completed.
Minimum GPA: 2.00 with no grade less than 'C' in required courses. Admission may be competitive—higher than minimum GPA may be required and varies each year depending on the number of applications.
Additional Requirements: None.
Selection Criteria: Grades only.


  • Biology 40S minimum 50% required.
  • Chemistry 40S minimum 50% required.
  • Math 40S (Pre-Calculus) minimum 60% required or Math 40S (Applied) minimum 70% required.


  • 4 years (120 credit hours).
  • Co-op may extend your studies by an additional term(s).


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April 2017
First Year Planning Guide