Degree and Career Discover Day (DCDD)

Exploration Workshops - October 8, 2013

Manitoba Room — 2nd Floor University Centre

Time Workshop Presenter

9:30 am and 12:30 pm

Picking Your Career: Strategies for Making the Best Choice Possible
Picking your career goal is tough and many students struggle with this. THIS IS NORMAL! What can you do about this? This session will present practical strategies to help you with your career decision-making.
Career Services
10:15 am and 11:45 am Co-Op Programs and Today’s Student
Join us to find out how co-op and internship programs can provide you with hands-on experience in your field of study in addition to financing your education. The University of Manitoba has co-op and internship placements throughout Canada and abroad. An overview of the departments that have co-op and internship programs and presentations by co-op students will be provided!
11:00 am and 1:15 pm Experience Education!
Learn more about the different international education opportunities available to U of M students. From Service-Learning programs to Exchanges, the university has a wide range of educational opportunities for you to learn about the world, learn about change, and learn about yourself.
Student Life/ICS

October 2, 2013

Degree and Career Discovery Day


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