Final Exams

You are expected to be available to write all final examinations for the courses in which you are registered, with the exception of courses that are being audited.

If you are absent from a final examination without an acceptable reason, you will receive a grade classification of “NP” (No Paper) accompanied by a letter grade based on term work completed, using a zero value for incomplete term work and for the final examination. If no credit for term work is involved, a grade of “F” will be assigned. Under certain conditions you may apply for a deferred examination.  Please refer to the Registrar’s Office for further policies and regulations governing Final Examinations.

Note: Tests or midterm exams scheduled during the course are not considered final exams.  As they are assigned as part of the course, they are considered term work and any accommodations for absence and/or missed deadlines or due dates must be addressed with the instructor directly. See Term Work and Grades for further information related to time extensions for term work.

Final Exam Schedule

  • Normally final exams are scheduled in December for Fall Term and April for Winter Term.  The final exam schedule for the Fall and Winter Terms is published about one month after the start of the term.
  • Summer Term final exams are scheduled through the summer months of May – August based on class end dates.  The final exams for Summer Term courses are published in the class schedule in Aurora ahead of registration.
  • You can view your individual exam schedule for any term in which you are registered in Aurora under the ‘Enrollment and Academic Records’ tab by clicking the link Registration and Exams.

Deferred Exams

  • Requests for deferred exam accommodations are made to an Arts Academic Advisor with valid and documented reasons for missing a final exam.  Such reasons include;
    • exam conflicts with participation/competition in a recognized athletic or scholastic event,
    • two exams at the same time or three exams in a row,
    • reasons out of your control,
    • medical or compassionate circumstance.
  • See the Registrar’s Office for further details on acceptable reasons for deferred exams.
  • Travel plans are not considered grounds for a deferred exam.
  • If granted, you will have the opportunity to write an equivalent exam at a later date.
  • If you miss a final exam, you have 48 hours to report an absence to an Arts Academic Advisor and request with documentation a deferred exam.

Requesting a Deferred Exam