Academic Integrity Ambassadors

Mission Statement:
To promote academic integrity through student initiatives and outreach by facilitating presentations, development of promotional materials and acting as role models and a source of information for other students. 



We are looking for volunteers, become an Academic Integrity Ambassador today!

The Student Advocacy office recruited U of M students to volunteer as Academic Integrity Ambassadors. These Ambassadors participate in Academic Integrity events and projects on behalf of the office, such as facilitating workshops, creating educational material for students, and planning Academic Integrity Week. They are students who are committed to helping their fellow peers better understand the rules at the U of M.

Laryssa Bogucki
Majoring in Psychology (Hons.)
Can be found… standing in line at Starbucks
I think Academic Integrity is important because it is the only way to ensure that everybody has the same chance at success.

2nd Year Psychology (Hons.)
Can be found mostly reading a book.
I think academic integrity is the backbone of learning. Being academically dishonest is cheating yourself out of the opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

Program: M.A. Student, Department of Sociology
Matt can be found on the third floor of Isbister, in the Department of Sociology, if you have any questions about academic integrity, and how to avoid accusations of dishonesty. His door is always open.
Academic integrity is important to him because he knows many people who have a lot invested in this institution. For every dishonest degree won, the quality of everyone's degrees goes down. He wants to work to make sure this doesn't happen.

Program: 2nd year Master's student in Biological Sciences
Can be found... in a lab (literally, I'm in some lab or another more often than I am at home)
Academic integrity is important to me because ... I believe that success should be achieved through merit, not through unfair advantage.

Program: PhD student of Agrometeorology in the department of Soil Science
Timi was the President of the University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association during the 2012/2013 academic session, and volunteers with Canada Revenue Agency and Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
Timi believes that asking insightful questions unlocks the potential for creative thinking.