CHP Program in the Winnipeg Health Region

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior; clinical psychologists are experts in mental illness, psychological processes in health, and behavior change. Evidence-based psychological approaches are utilized for many health problems with the aim of mobilizing and empowering the individual to make and sustain changes, resulting in outcomes such as symptom reduction, recovery, improved functioning and quality of life, and decreased health care utilization.

Clinical psychologists commonly provide diagnostic and cognitive assessment using standardized psychological tests, and have developed and implemented psychological therapies for mental health conditions. In recent decades, the field of Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine has extended the application of psychological methods and treatments to many other areas of health and healthcare. 

The Clinical Health Psychology (CHP) Program of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is responsible for the development, coordination and provision of high quality, effective, evidence-based psychological services throughout the WRHA.  Psychologists in the CHP Program hold medical staff privileges to practice in the region’s hospitals and health care facilities.

For more information on clinical services and referral processes, including referral forms and contact information, review the summary information below, and link to the WRHA Clinical Health Psychology program website.   To access clinical services, individuals typically are referred by their family physician or specialist to the CHP clinics or teams to which CHP medical staff provide consultation.

The CHP Program provides consultation and direct patient care across a broad spectrum of health conditions, including developmental disorders, mental illnesses, chronic disease, and acute medical conditions.  Treatment services are focused particularly in areas where the first-line or preferred treatment is psychological, such as behavioral treatment for panic disorder, cognitive-behavioural treatment of sleep disorders, cognitive-based treatment of chronic pain, and prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Services are organized through five clinical areas or sections: Adult Assessment, Adult Treatment, Child, Geriatric, and Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine.  Services are provided through CHP clinics and through team-based services in collaboration with other WRHA clinical programs, with examples of the latter including concussion assessment and rehabilitation, eating disorders, bariatric surgery pre-operative assessment, readiness for insulin pumps for children with diabetes, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. 

Most of the program’s medical staff also hold faculty appointments in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Max Rady College of Medicine, where they provide teaching to the College’s undergraduate and postgraduate learners, and are active in clinically relevant research.