Dr. Benedict (Ben) Albensi
 Ben Albensi

Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Manitoba Dementia Research Chair
Everett Endowment Fund Chair
Principal Investigator, St. Boniface Hospital Research
Biomedical Engineering Core Member
Research Affiliate, Centre on Aging

It has been known for some time that memory formation is associated with a series of molecular steps. Much of the work over the years has focused on the transcriptional regulation of memory where transcription factor families such as CREB, NF-kB, Egr, AP-I, and C/EBP have been found to play key roles. More recently, the methylation status in memory formation has been investigated. In fact, DNA methylation is thought to be necessary for inhibiting genes involved in memory suppression, and DNA demethylation appears to be important in activating genes whose expression is correlated with memory formation. Overall, changes in DNA methylation occur temporally to activate the transcription of genes that encode for proteins whose role is to stabilize memory.


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