MED Summer Research Program
The Med summer research program is offered by the Office of Graduate and Advanced Degree Education in Medicine, within the Max Rady College of Medicine.

Previously the MED Summer Research Program was only available to second year medical students; however in an effort to increase the research opportunities for medicial students the summer research program is also available for students who have completed their first year of medicine. The program gives first and second year medical students an opportunity to engage in original research, either basic or clinical, under the supervision of a Max Rady College of Medicine supervisor who is based at the University of Manitoba.

The specific aim of the program is to develop student skills within the following areas: experimental design, hypothesis testing, critical evaluation of data and effective communication of results. This is a non-degree course but will be recorded on the student's transcript. Applications are reviewed by the selection committee and ranked accordingly. Students may only submit one application for one research proposal.

Who is eligible?

Max Rady College of Medicine students who have successfully completed their first or second year in medicine. Students must be in good academic standing in the regular medical program in order to enroll in the program. There are no registration fees accessed by this program, although the university may assess some institutional fees.

Student participation and remuneration

Students will complete the summer research program by completing a final written and oral report. The program runs for approximately 12 weeks during the summer recess between either year one and two OR year two and three of their medical training program (dependent upon program time allowances). The chosen project must be feasible within this time frame. Clinical exposure of 0.5 to 1.0 days per week (setting of the students choosing with supervisors’ approval) is suggested but not mandatory. A two-week paid vacation is given (schedule with supervisor as soon as possible). All students receive stipendiary support, presently $7500.00 for the summer. The program pays the students directly (direct deposit). Students must submit a direct deposit form directly to payroll immediately upon acceptance into the program. Payment through direct deposit is a university policy and you will not receive your pay in any other fashion. Forms can be found within the document library. This program is funded by the Dean, Max Rady College of Medicine. These funds are used only to provide stipendiary support for the student. All research costs are born by the supervisor, from either research grants or departmental funds.

Note: this program is considered full time. Additional research options may not be undertaken at the same time as this program.

How to apply

A call for applications will be circulated annually. Abstracts from potential supervisors will be posted on the website and students advised via email. Students are encouraged to source and contact potential supervisors who have not posted abstracts.

Eligible supervisors

Both a primary and co-supervisor are required for all undergraduate research projects (B.Sc. (Med) and MED summer research program). All University of Manitoba, Max Rady College of Medicine academia with a minimum appointment of assistant professor are eligible as primary supervisor whereas all University of Manitoba (any faculty/college) academia with a minimum appointment of assistant professor within their faculty are eligible to be co-supervisor.

*current B.Sc. (Med)  supervisors are eligible to supervise a Med 2 student. Supervisors may supervise one Med 2 summer research program student and one B.Sc. (Med) student at the same time.

Project details

The chosen project may be either clinical, basic or translational (hypothesis driven) original research, but neither case reports nor standalone literature reviews will be permitted. A properly conceived or supervised meta-analysis may be allowed. There is a maximum of 10 positions, so not every project will be approved.


Document Library

Application Info and Ethics


** New Policy Concerning Supervisory Limits (Nov 2013)

Supervisors may now supervise more than one BSc.(MED) or MED II Summer
Research Students at the same time. Based on the following conditions:

+You may supervise one 1st year and one 2nd year BSc.(MED) student at the same time
+You may supervise one one 1st or 2nd year BSc.(MED) student and one MED II Summer Research student at the same time
+You may not supervise 2 MED II or 2 'same term' BSc.(MED) students at the same time