Medicine Reunions

Are you celebrating a milestone reunion this year? Reconnect with fellow classmates, old friends and your alma mater at a memorable Medicine class reunion.

Many Max Rady College of Medicine class reunions will take place over the University of Manitoba Homecoming Weekend September 20-22, 2019


Med Class of 1954 – 65th Reunion
 Winnipeg - June 5-7
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Hiro Nishioka
 Med Class of 1963  - 62th Reunion
 Winnipeg - June 11-13
 Class Leaders: Dr. David Brodovsky
 Med Class of 1959 - 60th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-21
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Robert Blanchard; Dr. William Bebchuk
 Med Class of 1969 - 50th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 13-15
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Diane Biehl; Dr. Allan Becker
 Med Class of 1974 - 45th Reunion
 Winnipeg:  September 6-8
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Richard Blouw; Dr. Ab Chudley; Dr. Eric Sigurdson;
 Dr. Nora Kobrinsky; Dr. Sylvia Kovnats; Dr. Arthur Blank; Dr. Wil Fleisher
 Med Class of 1979 - 40th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-22
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Mark Lander
 Med Class of 1984 - 35th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-22
 Class Leaders: Dr. BJ Hancock; Dr. Garth Campbell
 Med Class of 1989 - 30th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-22
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Kristel Van Ineveld
 Med Class of 1999 - 20th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-22
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Tamara Miller; Dr. Amrit Malik
 Med Class of 2009 - 10th Reunion
 Winnipeg - September 20-22
 Class Leaders:  Dr. Victor Ng; Dr. Alice Kam







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For more information about participating in any of the 2018 Medicine reunions, the Homecoming breakfast, or becoming involved as a Class Leader in organizing your own class reunion in 2018, please contact:

Darcy Routledge
Alumni Affairs & Events Officer