PACS Doctoral Program Committee

The PACS Graduate Program Committee consists of the Director of Peace and Conflict Studies; the Rector of St. Paul’s College; the Deans or their Designates of the Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, and Social Work; and two PACS Adjuncts elected for two-year terms by the faculty members associated with the Program.

The PACS Graduate Program Committee performs the functions of a department on such matters as student admission; approval of programs, composition of thesis committees, candidacy examinations, and monitoring of student progress. The PACS Graduate Program Committee is responsible for the general administration of the Program, in accordance with the policy guidelines derived by, and approved by the PACS Graduate Program Committee, and where applicable, the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Chair of the PACS Program Committee performs the function of Department Head and reports to the Dean of Graduate Studies on matters related to the Committee’s work.



For more information, please contact Peace and Conflict Studies at or 204-474-8894.



For more information, please contact Peace and Conflict Studies at or  204-474-8894.