Peace and Conflict Studies Course Descriptions

PEAC 7010 
Interpersonal Communication, Problem-Solving and Trust-Building
Three Credits, One Term
Examines role of language and communication where theoretical and practice perspectives are fundamental to the field of conflict analysis and resolution/peace studies. Power, gender, culture in communication and conflict; theories, practical skills for problem-solving, and trust-building are explored in diverse milieus.

PEAC 7020 
Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Three Credits, One Term
Provides an overview of the theoretical foundations of conflict analysis and resolution examining macro and micro theories regarding the causes of conflicts and approaches to their resolution. Conflicts are complex on multiple, interlocking planes. The course focuses on theory and the implications of these theories for practice.

PEAC 7030
International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
Three credits, one term
This course examines international conflict resolution, theories and philosophies of peace, and post-accord peace-building. Theories regarding the causes of international conflicts are reviewed. Approaches for just and enduring resolution to international conflicts, building peace, and the promotion of a global civil society are explored.

PEAC 7040
Violence Intervention and Prevention
Three credits, one term
This course examines different definitions and types of violence from the interpersonal to the global level (e.g., family violence, youth and gang violence, violence in the workplace, hate crimes, and war). Theories of human aggression and causes of violence, as well as approaches for violence intervention and prevention are reviewed. Theories of nonviolence are explored.

PEAC 7050
Intercultural Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
Three credits, one term
This course examines the role of socially constructed identities and meaning in intergroup conflicts in a variety of contexts. Culture is broadly conceived to encompass a variety of identities, including differences along racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and class lines. Various models for resolution are reviewed. The nature of and ethics of intervention in cultures other than one's own are explored.

PEAC 7060
Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies
Topic To Be Announced
Three credits, one term
Key Themes will be chosen from the interests and availability of faculty. Topics might include: "Narrative Approaches to Trauma and Community Building",  "Gender and Conflict"; "Storytelling: Identity, Power, and Transformation"; "Ethnic Conflict Analysis and Resolution"; "Children and War"; "Peace Education"; Transformational Conflict Resolution";  among others.

PEAC 7070
Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies 2
Topic To Be Announced
Three credits, one term
See above.

PEAC 7110 
International Human Rights and Human Security
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the shift in focus from state security to people. Human security is a bridge between the inter-related fields of development, human rights and conflict resolution. The course explores how these efforts at exploring the human condition can best be understood and applied.

PEAC 7120 
Peace-building and Social Justice
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the role of peace-building in short term crisis intervention and longer term conflict transformation processes. Social justice is addressed at the systems level as it impacts the achievement of sustainable reconciliation. Crisis management in conflict settings, the root causes of conflict and its prevention are explored.

PEAC 7122 
Dispute Systems Design
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the role of conflict resolution within organizations and diverse settings (workplace, schools, communities, multiparty conflicts, international conflicts). The course focuses on analyzing how conflict is built into organizational structures and systems, and redesigning the system to produce effective human centred relations.

PEAC 7124 
Gender, Conflict and Peacemaking
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the role of gender in conflict and peacemaking in areas of armed conflict. Women tend to be impacted and respond to conflict in ways different from men. The course explores the theoretical and practical contributions women activists, peace researchers and educators have made toward understanding the role of gender.

PEAC 7126 
Ethnic Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Three Credits, One Term
Examines theories of ethnic conflict and the intervention methods used by states, international organizations and conflict resolution and peace practitioners to analyze, manage and resolve ethnic conflicts. Case studies are used to explain conflict analysis and resolution and peace-building.

PEAC 7128 
Storytelling: Identity, Power and Transformation
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the role of narrative and storytelling in conflict resolution, theory, research and practice. The relationship between language and power and destructive or constructive relationships is explored. The use of storytelling-based projects as a means of peacebuilding and community building are explored.

PEAC 7240 
Indigenous World Views and Approaches to Peace-building
Three Credits, One Term
Examines indigenous models of peace-building from community level to national level. Emphasis is placed on restorative processes fundamental to cohesive relationships with others. This is achieved through ceremony, empathy, compassion, conflict resolution and restoration part of the peace-building models of Indigenous peoples.

PEAC 7250 
Restorative and Social Justice
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the principles of restorative justice, the theoretical foundations of the restorative justice movement, and the development of new restorative justice programs. Restorative justice healing, re-integration and reconciliation are explored in a variety of contexts, including colonized and postcolonial indigenous communities.

PEAC 7260 
Peace Education
Three Credits, One Term
Examines the role of peace education as students seek to make sense of complicated and perilous events in their society. The course provides students with a background in the area of social justice, peace studies and conflict resolution.

PEAC 7300 
Special Topics:
Three credits, one term
theme will be chosen from the interests and availability of faculty. Topics might include: "Terrorism",  "Young People Affected by Violence", "Critical & Emmancipatory Peacebuilding"  among others.

PEAC 7400 
Special Topics : Directed Readings in Peace and Conflict Studies
Three Credits, One Term
This course is designed for M.A. students in Peace and Conflict Studies. Course requirements, including readings and assignments, will be selected and developed by the instructor in conjunction with the students interests.

PEAC 7500 
Three Credits, One Term
Students develop awareness of theoretical knowledge, practice skills and abilities necessary for intervention in community, group and organizational conflicts at a practicum site. Students integrate theory and experiential learning into practice to analyze the conflict, during the intervention, and post intervention reflection.

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