Denis Bracken

Associate Professor, Social Work
Rector, St. Paul’s College

Address: 113 St. Paul’s College,
  70 Dysart Road, University of Manitoba
  Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M6
Phone: 204.474.8581
Fax:   204.474.7620

Dr. Denis Bracken, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Work, is the Rector of St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba.  He has been a Visiting Professor, Community & Criminal Justice Studies Unit, School of Social & Community Studies, DeMontfort University, Leicester, U.K. (1999-2000), Glasgow School of Social Work Glasgow, Scotland (2006-2007) and School of Social Work & Social Policy, University of Dublin – Trinity College, Dublin (2007).  Last year, while on sabbatical, he conducted research on criminal justice social work in Scotland and Ireland.  With Dr. Brenda Bacon, he is co-author of two reports for the Manitoba Government on working with domestic violence offenders: Evaluation of the Partner Abuse Short Term Intervention Program of Community and Youth Corrections (1998-2000) and Assessment of Implications of a Long-Term Partner Abuse Intervention Program (2002-2004).  In 2004, Dr. Bracken led a committee to improve the short-term shelter system for at-risk children.  He serves as board member of Rossbrook House.

Ph.D. Sociology, London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London, 1994; M.A. Criminology, University of Toronto, 1974; B.A. Psychology, Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1973.

Areas of Specialization:
Social work and criminal justice; Canadian social welfare policy; Aboriginal issues in criminal justice; qualitative methods in social work research; Social work skills for working with offenders and victims; programs for offenders involved in domestic violence.

Recent Publications:
Bracken, D. (2007). Probation in the US and Canada, (invited contribution). In R. Canton & D. Hancock, Dictionary of probation & offender management.  Cullompton: Willan Publishing.

Bracken, D. (2007, July). Risk management and/or punishment in the community: Supervising conditional sentences. British Journal of Community Justice, 5 (2).

Dean, L., Bracken, D., & Morrissette, L. (2007, June). Desistance within an urban Aboriginal gang. Probation Journal, 54 (2).

Bracken, D. (2004). Mergers between community corrections and custodial staff: Some experiences from Canada. British Journal of Community Justice, 3 (1).

Bracken, D. (2003, June). Skills & knowledge for contemporary probation practice. Probation Journal, 50 (2).