Anna Snyder

Associate Professor, Conflict Resolution Program (Menno Simons College)

Address: Suite 210 – 520 Portage Avenue
  Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G2
Phone: 204.953.3860
Fax:  204.783.3699

Dr. Anna Snyder is Associate Professor at Menno Simons College, home to the University of Winnipeg's Conflict Resolution Studies Program. Her research interests include women's peace organizations, women refugees and peacebuilding, and conflict among peacemakers. She has published several articles on her research, as well as Setting the Agenda for Global Peace: Conflict and Consensus Building (2003), the first book in "Ashgate's Series on Gender in a Global/Local World". Her most recent research, funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), was a qualitative study of women refugees and migrant workers building peace in camps on the Thai/Burmese border. Dr. Snyder's conflict resolution practice has focused on local healing and reconciliation efforts between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples on the issue of residential schools.

Ph.D. Social Science, Syracuse University; M.A. International Peace Studies,  University of Notre Dame; B.A. Peace Studies, Manchester College, Indiana

Areas of Specialization:
Women’s peace organizations; women refugees and peacebuilding; conflict among peacemakers
Recent Publications:
Snyder, A. (2008). Gender relations and conflict transformation among refugees. In Sean Byrne, Dennis Sandole, Ingrid Sandole-Staroste & Jessica Senehi (Eds.), The handbook of conflict analysis and resolution. London: Routledge.

Snyder, A., & Rice, B. (forthcoming, 2008). Reconciliation in the context of a settler society: Healing the legacy of colonialism in Canada. In From truth to reconciliation: Transforming the legacy of residential schools. Ottawa: Aboriginal Healing Foundation.

Snyder, A., & Funk-Unrau, N. (2007, Spring). Indian residential school survivors and state designed ADR: A strategy for cooptation? Conflict Resolution Quarterly 24 (3), 285-304.

Snyder, A. (2006). Fostering transnational dialogue: Lessons learned from women peace activists. Globalizations, 3 (1), 31-48.

Snyder, A. (2003). Setting the agenda for global peace: Conflict and consensus building: Gender in a global/local world series. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Snyder, A. (2003). Critiquing consensus: An analysis of processes designed for non-governmental collaboration. In Patrick G. Coy (Ed.), Consensus decision making, Northern Ireland and indigenous movements: Vol. 24. Research in social movements, conflicts and change (pp. 31-60). Oxford: Elsevier Science Ltd.